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  1. All Hands Search for Punkn or Nacho JLU

    Sounds like a typical Jeep dealership to be fair:LOL:
  2. All Hands Search for Punkn or Nacho JLU

    Hopefully you can make it work!
  3. All Hands Search for Punkn or Nacho JLU

    Would this check the boxes...
  4. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Those are 38s! I love how it drives, I had the whole project done at once. So it was regeared to 5.13s, full Synergy Steering kit, and the Metalcloak 3.5” game changer with 6Paks. I have zero regrets. I’m still in the process of breaking in the new gears so I can only do 15-20 miles at a time...
  5. It has begun....

    Thank you! Still breaking in these gears, itching to go out and really break it in.
  6. Picking a Wrangler...could use some help.

    Hey Terry! Welcome to the deep dive of wrangler ownership haha. From what you have described from your needs, I would say the Willys is perfect. DO NOT MISS THE LED PACKAGE. As far as I am concerned this is a must, the factory halogen lights should not be allowed on any vehicle. Another...
  7. Winch Winch Winch

    $500 for a winch and then spend $1400 on D44 RCVs sounds like the proper move :idea:
  8. Winch Winch Winch

    That's a situation I think a lot of us have. I am not one that is able to wheel as consistently as others on this forum, so spending $1,500 on a winch is a tough pill. Especially when I could use that money for underbody armor. I definitely see and am aware of the importance of a winch, but...
  9. Winch Winch Winch

    Short distance recovery and then get to look like Arnold?! Noted. I am not swaying any direction, I just am trying to collect all input :like:
  10. Winch Winch Winch

    Your point brings up considerable cost and weight savings!
  11. Winch Winch Winch

    Oof, thats a good break!
  12. Winch Winch Winch

    I know we have had a poll on here about peoples perspective of wheeling alone, with or without a winch and so on. I am generally interested how many people are running a winch on their front bumper, how many haven't used it, and how many aren't planning to run one. This is a no judgement poll...
  13. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I agree, not much that aesthetically fits my build too. I don’t even have the OEM steel. I like the factory piece just is a struggle spending that much on a factory piece. I may just try to find a custom fab shop and see if something could get worked together.
  14. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I feel like I am chasing an invisible bumper. There aren't many that take fog lights, a recessed/tucked winch, the capability to mount 6" accessory lights and is a stubby. I know the Arcus exists but am I missing something?
  15. 2020 Jeep JL Lift Kit Suggestions

    I am another vote for Metalcloak. I just had the 3.5 Gamechanger and 6paks installed on my JLUR. The drive and ride is amazing, its my daily and I am running 38s. As others have mentioned, if you're wanting 35s definitely don't go 3.5". Once you lift it and see that you can fit 37s... you'll...
  16. Is there a turn-key 2 1/2" lift kit to run stock wheel 37's?

    Short answer. No. Once you start moving around suspension pieces it just creates something else that needs to be addressed. Thats really accurate of anything Jeep related however. If you wanted to go 37s do a spacer lift or AAL flat fenders and you could tuck 37s on your JLR. A few people are...
  17. Bump Steer After Install

    Definitely didn’t order one haha so don’t believe that the case. Ok, sweet, wanted to check with the brighter than my minds on here first!
  18. Bump Steer After Install

    3.5” kit, 6Paks and 38 Pat’s. Synergy Tie Rod, Drag Link and Sector Shaft Brace.