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  1. HighLift or Bottle Jack?

    Buy a Unijack, its a combo of bottke and jack stand, it can lift really high and are very safe.
  2. Don’t be this guy...

    Lmao probably did it with a regular 1/2 drive and not a torque wrench
  3. Why Jeep Drivers are a special....

    Faith in Humanity Restored. if i was rich I'd buy this kid's mom a fully loaded Jeep so she can drive her son around everyday.
  4. Jl Auto Transmission Fluid/Filter

    Thank you for the link, what about the integrated pan/filter?
  5. Stormtrooper Edition Jeep Wrangler coming?

    Why would people pay alot extra for something they can do aftermarket for cheaper? Want a storm trooper theme? Get custom vinyl, im doing a marvel hydra theme and theres a tons of resources out there.
  6. North Carolina Roll Call

    Really? Huh.. the only time i went to hurricane creek was this past july 4th weekend. Ill investigate when i head there next month. im in hope valley near 55 and MLK, which part of durham you from? Probably should just message you lol
  7. What oil will you be using in your Pentastar V6?

    Royal purple 0w-20 every 3000 miles with MOPAR filter, and i add NMF ionic friction reducer. Works like magic and at 40k miles mine still purrs like new.
  8. North Carolina Roll Call

    Nice!, yea the Hurricane creek to max patch is a wonderful route, would recommend non Rubicon to have at least AT tires on, dragged a couple times on mine before i did a lift and 35s due to some deep ruts. A friend of mine owns a retreat house they air BNB out about 20 mins away from max patch...
  9. Dumb Lift Question

    Your rubicon should have no problem going over obstacles on 35s without a coil shock lift. You can get a rocker with a fold out step so your wife won’t complain about being hard to get in the vehicle. if you are talking about air suspension, that would be an idea but not a cheap upgrade.

    Also interested, one more bump! thank you for the question, I only bought the outlaw cat back exhaust, but a loop pipe delete would be wonderful. I haven't found anything personally yet but i am debating on having a friend of mine who is a pro fabricator to make me a custom one.
  11. Jl Auto Transmission Fluid/Filter

    I am trying to change the ATF in my 3.6 Sports S. I know we use the 8 speed trans that are also used in some other trucks. but what type of trans is it exactly? like what is the official name and designation? also I am having trouble finding transmission filter kits listed specially for the...
  12. JL Differential Breather Tube Extension

    i meant as in, maybe you can only reach the transfer case vent if you have a 2 post lift, but if you just jack stance it from the ground it maybe hard to reach lying down
  13. VSS hood mounted solar system I am about to preordered this from Cascadia 4x4. Any opinions, questions, concerns? Or if anyone is also look for something like this?
  14. JL Differential Breather Tube Extension

    oh wow i didn’t even think about that, no access at all? Even if you put the jeep on at a shop?
  15. Differential Cover, Which one is better?

    An you provide a link to where you bought them?
  16. Differential Cover, Which one is better?

    wow those looks amazing! I would totally paint it my self too, and its steel. Yup its done I'm getting these bad boys. Thank you
  17. Differential Cover, Which one is better? this is almost twice the price as this, from review and description it seems like both hold larger amount of oil compare to stock, but which one is better...
  18. JL Differential Breather Tube Extension

    Does anyone know if this kit...
  19. Whats your gas mileage?

    Stock JLU Sports S Unlimited, with 33 inch stock AT tires. my tires are at 38 PSI during highway speed of 70MPH, and i'm getting 25MPG on average. I also live in North Carolina, so depending on your altitude your MPG would change.
  20. JL grease points?

    oh thats excellent news, thank you, I now know what to look for.