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  1. Custom Labeled Auxiliary Switches

    Wonder if you could carefully sand down the stock switch's face to remove the black part around the AUX # lettering and then put a thick decal over the face, that way the stock lettering doesn't show through. Kind of an expensive experiment with an ugly nightlight if it didn't work out well...
  2. Rubicon lockers

    The only time I've gone rear only is rocky hill climbs where I need to steer and maneuver. Typically, most of the weight is on the rear, the front slides... it slides... But if one back tire loses traction, I'm not moving up the hill any more. That in for line lock, traction control off sick...
  3. Auto Park when winching.

    I'm lost, but that seems like a bad idea. I generally don't leave my Jeep in gear with no driver at the wheel. I know it ain't going fast in low range, but still. And I trust the parking brake about as much as I would a career politician. Can you not reach the driver's seat with your winch...
  4. Giveaway of the Month - August 2020 -- JL Wrangler HD Drag Link

    Why a replacement drag link? Because when the stock one let go on my JK, death wobble was a thing. Don't really want to have THAT kind of fun again, a drag link and front track bar are going to happen one way or another.