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  1. Can someone explain this wiring diagram to me please?

    I think the issue is your install instructions are expecting a brake switch sensor (just to turn on lights) not a pedal travel sensor (for controlling the electronic anti-lock brakes). If it were me, I wouldn't splice into the pedal travel wire, you're going to be adding additional resistance...
  2. Available for stock steel bumper?

    They are typically called tire carriers (since on top of the jerry can, shovel, etc. the tire mounts on it) They are usually built onto aftermarket bumpers. PoisonSpyder sells their's separate. And for the JK advertised it as working with the stock bumper. While they don't specifically say the...
  3. So, how’s your weather?

    High's are finally going below triple digits this week here in the desert, so I'm excited
  4. What happened to the Easter Egg contest?

    " We have selected a Jeep Easter Egg Contest winning entry! ...But we can't tell you what it is because this Jeep Easter Egg is for a new generation of Jeep Brand vehicle owners to find. More to come in the coming months and thank you to everyone who participated! "
  5. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    You're right at the COLD MAX line, so fluid level is good if that picture was taken with the engine/fluid cold. If it was hot at the time, you may be a bit low
  6. Will a new Mojave steel steering knuckle direct replace aluminum one on Rubicon?

    Cast Iron is stronger than aluminum, in a desert racing truck (which is what the Mojave is designed as) you need the stronger knuckle so you don't crack/bust them coming down off a jump or knocking them against a rock at 60+MPH. I live in the Mojave, I understand why Jeep bothered to put cast...
  7. Will a new Mojave steel steering knuckle direct replace aluminum one on Rubicon?

    Not sure if they are direct fit or not, but the only way I could see it helping with death wobble is if you have bad ball joints and you replace them at the same time as the knuckles.
  8. Corn Springs Campground?

    I haven't been there, but If you do, note that it's still hot out here in the desert, triple-digits during the day, so bring LOTS of water.
  9. Replace carpet with custom molded interior liner?

    I've seen a couple ads for these (right now they're only for the JK/JKU, but they said they're working on JLU next). It fully replaces the carpet with a heavy vinyl. I do wish you could still uses floor mats with it, but you can't.
  10. Huge Screen + Digital Dash For JL (Image Attached)

    The company is Carobotor that pic is from their instagram, it's not available yet AFAIK
  11. I've got a real challenge for you with regard to shovel & axe storage

    There are mounting points in the tailgate underneath the plastic, have a look at the tailgate tables and you can see how they mount, plenty stong
  12. Is it better to Build and Price or buy off lot?

    I got a great deal buying off the lot, but there were a number of factors that affected that. Perhaps biggest among was that I wasn't very picky about options, in fact I didn't even intend to get a Rubicon but wound up with one. I was looking for a Willys or Sport S w/ LSD. I bought a 2019...
  13. 2021 Wrangler 4XE Launch Brochure reveals unique wheels and gauge cluster

    That's my understanding. I guess technically it'd be motor-braking because the electric motor (at the front of the transmission) is slowing down the vehicle and storing the energy produced into the battery. This picture shows the differences in blue, the rear axle is simply the gladiator Max...
  14. 2021 Wrangler 4XE Launch Brochure reveals unique wheels and gauge cluster

    I believe the system is even more simplistic than you might be imagining, this isn't like a tesla where there are motors at every wheel, there's nothing different about the brakes. The internals of the transmission are probably mostly similar to the 850RE Basically the difference is the torque...
  15. Steering TSB & Synergy Brace

    Left column is N.m (newton-metre) 60 Nm is the same as 44 ft-lbs
  16. 2021 Wrangler 4XE Launch Brochure reveals unique wheels and gauge cluster

    1987 is when Chrysler bought Jeep, maybe May 25th?
  17. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    This video has info on the install of the LRA tank and you can see it on the JLU
  18. Recommendations for offroad wheel chocks

    I've got these HarborFreight ones, they're made of one big chunk of rubber but have some "teeth" on the bottom, I've not tried them off-road, but I expect they would do ok unless you're in super-fine sand...
  19. How about some tan or beige options?

    I asked about the possibility of a tan trektop ultra a few months ago and was told "not for the foreseeable future" Hopefully some more interest can make it worth their while
  20. JL Renegade Stickers.

    Saw these on eBay, similar to the only CJ7 side graphics