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  1. Is having rear defroster coming off a regular occurance with Wranlgers?

    do you take your hard top off, and if so where do you store it? I've heard storage issues can cause issues with the defroster.
  2. Blown diff! Time to upgrade!!!

    I give you full credit.... You definitely sent it.
  3. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    I love the look, I'm seriously contemplating these exact rims for my granite JLUR, my only concern is I'm not sure how the bronze will work (you dont see many granite Jeeps with bronze rims), but aesthetically, I feel like look great, and at 27 lbs are light compared to most rims which seem to...
  4. Rubicon snow/winter traction help needed

    So looking at your tires, they aren't rated for winter use, and while there are sipes, there aren't many of them, it could be related to your challenges.
  5. Rubicon snow/winter traction help needed

    So my old JKU had incredible traction, I'd rarely use 4wd in snow (it tended to get me in trouble). 6 inches of snow in the winter was easily navigable without 4WD. With 4WD on, it made me too brave, and I pushed it, and got stuck in 16 inches of fresh snow lol I javen't made it a winter with...
  6. TPMS trouble

    So, my valve stems, WITH TPMS, do not look like the ones you linked.... they look like the ones on the left, that the picture claims do not have TPMS... *shrug* you cant have half the sensor, you either do, or dont. Until you get that sorted out, I'm afraid you are only going to get confused...
  7. TPMS trouble

    So, either you have sensors in the tires or you don't. The fact that all 5 tires are warning you, tells me you do not have TPMS sensors, a couple can die, but all 5? I doubt it (the valve stem logic, I dont follow it/understand it). Assuming you don't have sensors, if you want to stop the...
  8. TPMS trouble

    are you certain the wheels you purchased had TPMS sensors? could the original owner have had them removed to be put on whatever wheels they have now on their jeep? I know when I buy new wheels, I'll sell my old ones, but I'll have the TPMS sensors moved over to the new rims. Maybe its what the...
  9. Backspace for rubicon VS other models

    I feel your pain Shekmark, I just don't understand the claims/needs for backspacing that gives 2+ inches of clearance then OE wheels. Do some lift springs maybe have much wider coils?
  10. Backspace for rubicon VS other models

    So I know that many lift kits ask for wheels with a BS of 4.75-4.5 or less to make sure sure there is no clearance issues. Normally these guides dont typically specify different backspacing for the same lift on which model JLU. When I look at something like this, it indicates that the rubicon...

    So I've been struggling to find rims I love for my granite jlu, I think I'm leaning towards a bronze rim, maybe a fuel kicker 5, I'm just not sure about the 5 inch backspacing, most of the lift kits want less backspacing them that. Either way I'll be following this thread for ideas....
  12. Wiring new rigid lights to the factory Aux harness, is it really this easy?

    Damn, I guess maybe logic has prevailed and I'm not crazy. Thank you fror the re-assurances. Thank you guys/gals, Rest assured Neil, I wanted to use proper connectors, shrink tape, etc
  13. Wiring new rigid lights to the factory Aux harness, is it really this easy?

    I suspect this is a stupid question, but since I've never done any electrical work on a car before, I'm a little gun-shy and do not want to destroy lights or fry anything electrical. With the harness plugged in to the lights, do I really just cut the wiring harness above the relay, and run the...
  14. Project Lurch, my slow build of a JLUR

    light mount and lights showed up. It's an Artec A pillar mount. it seems pretty sturdy. Since the light mount directly to the bracket, you loose the rigid U bracket, and in doing so, loose the ability to aimn your lights left and right, so I went with some rigid D-SS lights. I'm very happy with...
  15. Awesome experience at the Jeep Adventure Academy - my review

    I am so envious! I wish some of these ran in Canada.
  16. Project Lurch, my slow build of a JLUR

    Mall crawler no more, I made it out on to some simpler trails this weekend, I figured seeing how it was my first try at off roading, I should start easier. the weather and scenery were great!
  17. Second long trip with the eco diesel and the third service shop stop

    I wanted a more powerful engine then the pentastar in my 2020, but I just couldn't bring myself to trust the newer engine options Hopefully it's just a bump that they can sort out quickly and get you back on the road.
  18. Missing bolt on underhood ground?

    That could be it, I do not have etorque.
  19. Missing bolt on underhood ground?

    Awesome, thank you. I'm curious why the difference/omission on mine...
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Its easy to do on your own, I think it's 2 screws on top, 2 on the front, and 2 on the back. If you take look at the bumper, its even pretty obvious which screws they are. No instructions required, but I'm sure you could find a youtube video if you wanted to see how to do it.