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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    Small world, I went to GHS and GWM and BPE.... Koons took $1,000 for the deposit. That is also what Ourisman said. I had my VON # (Vehicle Order Number) the very next day. I assume Thanksgiving week will delay mine, but that is fine. Since I have all this time, I may get my financing done ahead...
  2. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    wow! Sweet! THANKS!
  3. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    That just looks perfect on those 37's. Are you happy with how it drives? Does it hunt for gears a lot on the highway? What lift are you using? Any regrets?
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    I ordered from Craig Benner at Koons Jeep in VA last Thursday evening 10/22/20. I was able to do everything EASILY by email, Craig's customer service IS FANTASTIC> He was easy to work with and a TERRIFIC communicator. There is not now nor ever was a question about what was going on. There were...
  5. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Did you add that hood anti glare decal?
  6. How do different colors hold up to the abuse of branches running along side of the Jeep?

    I am sorting out the specifics of our new 2 door Rubicon order that we are about to place. Conventional wisdom holds (or held) that White was the best color for a vehicle that was going to be off roaded as it is the best at hiding scratches. With today's improved paints is that still true? I...
  7. Recommended Dealers List

    It seems that it is more than worth the torture of the 495 mixing bowl. I live close to Ourisman Jeep in Clarksville and bought my last one there, so I have to at least ask what they can do. I assume Koons in VA can do the MD tax credit for trade ins like any other MD dealer can. REALLY nice...
  8. no Rubicon with black hard top and fenders

    :LOL: :LOL: The sad thing is I KNOW THAT, must be slipping! Thanks.... like I said - fantastic numbers.....
  9. no Rubicon with black hard top and fenders

    Seems odd, they don't typically run dyno tests in any gear other than the 1:1 drive gear. GLAD to see that diesel throwing down great numbers!!
  10. What should i build out of this?...

    Find a foam cooler close to the same size that will fit inside of it and have the coolest beverage cooler EVER.
  11. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    Wow. Really? You posted a problem and I wanted to make sure you saw a potential solution that I read about and send inquiries to the person who made the original modifications about this very topic. I was not going to order the reduced headroom JL until I knew there was a solution. Trying to...
  12. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    No. no need on my current JK. New JL will have to make some mod to fit better....
  13. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    The rest of what he did was for more head room. Removing the 2 bolts was to make the seat bottom of the seat go lower on the back half.....
  14. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I would be willing to bet (if I were a betting man) that 97% of those giving you grief about a Sahara have never really been off roading or have and have little actual knowledge and skill. A bone stock stripped Wrangler Sport in knowledgable hands is FAR MORE rugged, trail worthy, and capable...
  15. 2021 2 Door Rubicon Death Wobble

    I think you have the right info now, I will add my 2 cents. I have had a lot of Jeeps. EVERYTIME I have had death wobble it was ALWAYS self induced. I used to cheap out on suspension parts just to get the height I wanted or replaced worn parts with bargain parts, it bit me EVERYTIME. On my 2017...
  16. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    Did you happen to notice post #137? This sounds like a modification that does what you are looking for that can be reversed.... " -Removed two bolts on the back of the "thigh support frame" to allow it to tilt back more and let my fat ass sink into the sit a little bit more. "
  17. Koons Jeep / 2021 Rubicon experience

    I am glad this was posted, i get wrapped up in everything and get careless on checking things over. I will make SURE to slow my roll and take the time to look over every little bit. I am glad the OP's purchase went well, but I am REALLY disappointed in the after sale treatment. They blew an...
  18. Recommended Dealers List

    Never mind.. found it.
  19. Am I missing something??

    It looks like Hella is not available with the Soft Top. Odd. I built a Sarge Green with the soft top and changed it to yellow and the pop up box said i had to change it to a hard top.