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  1. JL corrosion

    Also keep in mind that Jeeps paint adhesion is poor. Keep your spray coats light so not to bubble up you OEM paint (in spots where paint meets not painted surface).
  2. JL corrosion

    Primer itself does not seal the surface and lets water thru. Need to paint /clear after.
  3. To Catch a Catch Can

    Pictured below is same exact catch can that Mushimo sells for $200. Buy additional oem PVC hose and reuse connections (If want to save your original). Only thing missing is fancy mount bracket.
  4. To Catch a Catch Can

    Catch can is a must on direct injection engine (PVC side) to minimize sludge buildup on top of your valves. Port injection - no benefit since valves get washed down with fuel. Good baffled catch can cost no more then $30, you just have to get fuel rated hoses from auto parts store (they will...
  5. Virginia Trying to find reasonable price for a steel bumper part 30sec Google find
  6. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    Yes, you lose power with 87, more so at higher temps. Up to 30 hp /10 trq, 2mpg loss is expected during summer. Engine retards timing due to knock. No octane sensors. Wasn't 2.0 option cost $2k higher?
  7. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    I was able to disabled it with OBDjscan
  8. Preventing Spare Tire Theft

    I just keep OEM Sahara wheel/tire, 32" on. Jeep is riding on 34" nice looking wheels/tires that new was around 2k (bought second hand for 900), but there's no way i am waisting money on matching spare that my wife could never handle (98lb). In very unlikely event where tire need to be...
  9. JL corrosion

    When taking hinges off, you will slightly damage paint on bolts where socket inserts. Chip some paint.
  10. Mopar front trail camera

    Sorry, but you ahold never ask anyone in dealership for advice. They cant read instructions, let alone know anything about adding parts that were not included from factory.
  11. 2H vs 4H

    4wd transfer case is an option on Sahara and only comes on it if you order that way. Most saharas don't have auto 4wd. Also, best way to get used to a car in the snow (no matter what you have) is to go out to a parking lot or secluded street full of snow/ice and play around in both 2h and...
  12. no Rubicon with black hard top and fenders

    Majority buying JLUR for mall crawling and wnat all painted, so dealer inventory reflects demand.
  13. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    At this point you will have to wait 2 years of looking to order one, maybe 1.5 years to pick up whatever you can on the lot.
  14. New PCM flash gave me a 7 speed.

    It has to do with compression. Higher compression achieves more power. Engines designed for only e85 run much higher compression then gasoline engines (similar to diesel) -not flex fuel engines. High compression gasoline engines only able to run low octane when detuned, engine pulls back on...
  15. New PCM flash gave me a 7 speed.

    Yes, modern vehicle systems are able to handle e85. Higher compression engines have less of a difference between fuel efficiency between e85 and regular gas. 19.5:1 compression engine (runs only on e85) has 22%higher fuel efficiency compared to same sized engine designed to run gasoline (13:1...
  16. New PCM flash gave me a 7 speed.

    It can run flex fuel with tuning. Mpg on E85 is lower due to lower energy of e85 (car needs to ruch significantly richer 9.8:1 vs 14.7:1). Nevertheless, its cheaper to run e85 as opposed to premium gasoline. You alsonlookig at up to 15hp extra with e85 vs 93 octane due to how much more...
  17. New PCM flash gave me a 7 speed.

    Lol...hamster powers Jeep. I have 3.5 EcoBoost in my explorer and love it - this one is tuned on 93 and spin wheels shifting into 2nd. More low end torque then Chevy 6.2L. Power gets addictive and then you miss it in a Jeep. I bet this flash is to prevent vibration that people have experience...
  18. JLU Pillar Damage Need Advice For your salvage take off parts
  19. JLU Pillar Damage Need Advice

    Used doors are $700 each, but yours can be fixed. Granted if you able to find one near you same color - better to get good used one vs paying for repair and paint.
  20. JLU Pillar Damage Need Advice

    I would go thru Insurance -why pay thousands of dollars over the years and spend your time/money now on repair. If they salvage Jeep due to.structural damage between doors. Buy it back and fix it. Structural components can be bought new or used and can be replaced. You will have to drill out...