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  1. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    Same thing happend to my 2018 Sahara with 2000 miles. I figured when it went in that the dealer would miss so many details and I was right. I traded it in 24 hours after getting it back after waiting 2 months. There is just simply no way that low rate dealers mechanics are up to the task. You...
  2. Fun Factor 2 door vs 4

    4 door is like going to a minivan and you will never stop thinking about a 2 door if you get one.
  3. Oil Catch Can

    They work. I have one on my 2.0.
  4. 2.2 diesel Catch Can

    That’s looks like the correct location
  5. New 2020 JLU Engine Replacement 2.0 Turbo

    Nothing but a brand new Jeep. Are you kidding me? The dealership mechanics are 80 plus percent total hacks.
  6. Teraflex Falcon 3.3 issue

    I Just did the adjustable steering stabilizer last weekend and was amazed at how the difference and I am in a 20 sport, 2dr. I dont believe that its the stabalizer because it really cant be installed incorrectly.
  7. Putting Rubicon wheels and tires on a Sport S - what do I need to know?

    Just do some kind of lift. 33’s look silly on sports without lifts.
  8. How many miles on your 2.0t?

    Catch cans work wonders. Just keep using 91/93 and you’ll be fine for a long long time.
  9. First time Wrangler buyer. Diesel special at dealership

    Totally agree. Put a little time into such a big decision. It sounds like a good deal but why are they doing it?the other thing is just read some forums and see what owners are saying. While it isn’t a first gen engine, I would still read up.
  10. Diesel Coolant Temp

    Max and that’s with towing should be 230 max. Oil temp, that thing is overheating.
  11. Diesel Coolant Temp

    We can all se the picture. So you think 248 is ok? No dude, that’s way too high.
  12. Diesel Coolant Temp

    I’m thinking the one that says 248 is incorrect.
  13. Diesel Coolant Temp

    Almost 250 degrees? Either that gauge is malfunctioning or something because that thing isn’t going to last long running at almost 250 degrees. Lol I’m thinking the 2022’s won’t be running that hot.