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  1. Jeeps have hardly changed in 46 years

    Beautiful Jeeps! Lucky man! And the woman is lovely too :)
  2. Whats up with Jeep obsession with size (keyfob)?

    As for the size, I have a complaint directed to every car car maker in the whole world: My 2004 Ford Escape did not have a battery in the fob. Instead, the fob was powered by the car battery. Now that we have entered the iPhone age and the 21st century, why is it that the key fob of [ fill...
  3. Whats up with Jeep obsession with size (keyfob)?

    I have learnt that when off road, you need to get in and out often to check the obstacle ahead. The key fob needs to stay in the Jeep. .
  4. That Melbourne game....

    Jeep wins! Jeep! Jeep! Jeep!
  5. 2021 2 Door Rubicon Death Wobble

    Well no, mine is stock, so no death wobble.
  6. 来自中国的牧马人车友--今日美景分享

    I see a JL Wrangler. What colour is that?
  7. 2021 2 Door Rubicon Death Wobble

    I have had my 2 door JL Sport S for 15 months now. It remains stock standard. Never had a steering problem. Never had death wobble.
  8. 2H vs 4H

    If you do so as per the manual it is smooth: Drop to a speed of 5kph - 8kph Transfer case to neutral Gear lever to neutral Transfer case to 4WL Gear lever to Drive
  9. 2H vs 4H

    And read the manual!
  10. 2021 2 Door Rubicon Death Wobble

    I have had a 2 door for 15 months. No death wobble.
  11. Extra fuel

    The good news is that US litres and Imperial litres are both the same ;)
  12. That Melbourne game....

    I am from Sydney and look forward to beating QLD in the next State of origin. A confirm I have no interest in the Melbourne game. Except I note the Jeep team won the grand final last year and they have made the grand final again this year! Jeep! Jeep! Jeep! Go Jeep! .
  13. Why does this hang low?

    My Jeep has that too and Yes mine is right hand drive. I lose about 2cm of ground clearance.
  14. Good for the goose....

    My wife has a 4 door Mini Cooper. Mr 2 door JL is easier to park in a tight spot. .
  15. Soft top vs hard top

    I would have gone for the soft top except that when loading or unloading the rear window is in the way. And there is no wiper on the rear window.
  16. How to secure rear spare wheel?

    Do a reverse park. With the tyre up against a wall they cannot get to it.
  17. Extra fuel

    That link is for a JK Wrangler. Dunno whether it will fit a JL
  18. CNBC: Can Jeep Stay Ahead of Its Rivals?

    Can Jeep stay ahead of its rivals? Today I was out with the Sydney jeep Club, and we found a Nissan Patrol stuck in the mud so of course we winched it out! :sun:
  19. 4WD Neutral Warning

    OK. Note that the manual says that 4WD H should never be used on hard surfaced roads.