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  1. 101 Course at Rausch Creek 11/7/20

    Just signed up for the 101 class on 11/7! See y'all there!!!
  2. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    Wawa! Someone in North Carolina once asked me, " When you say Wawa, are you taking about Walmart?" (as if...) I have never seen such rage on my wife's face....
  3. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    I run and recommend ethanol free as well (I have the 3.6) and achieve about 22 mpg (6M) with the 32" MT's.
  4. Power Locks/Remote Start and Windows

    Sounds like it is a Willys Sport and they had it listed as a Willys.
  5. 2021 2 Door Rubicon Death Wobble

    I had death wobble on my 06 TJ after I installed a 2.5 inch lift. I forgot to properly torque the sway bar and had to do 25 mph the entire ride home. Learned that day the importance of torquing to specifications.
  6. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Hmm, I was always under the impression that the Jeep wave was not about a secret club, but acknowledging the joys and pains (and there are many pains) another human being feels while owning a Jeep (specifically, does anyone remember the seam on the top of the YJ's soft top? After some time it...
  7. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I correct people when they say I have a yellow Jeep. Let them know that it is HELLAYELLA!
  8. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    You would think that's the case, but I have been harassed more over the past 6 months by cops, compared to previously when I owned a BMW. However, it is worth noting that the BMW was Sapphire Black and the JL is HELLAYELLA. It looks like a school bus with MT tires, and when there are no school...
  9. Pennsylvania 2018 JLUR, Rubicon Suspension Take Offs $40

    Thanks Bob, after doing some research, I might pass on the parts for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    I am free this weekend! Good change I can make it to RC. It looks like there is an event there (Krawling for K9's) on Saturday, so not sure what the traffic might look like.....
  11. Bourbon talk...

    Knob Creek and Blood Oath Pact No. 6
  12. Jeep Wrangler Q3 2020 Sales Results

    Our Jeep dealers around my area have no JL/JT stock and what they have is really oddball stuff (like mine purchased in June and was built with the upgraded Alpine stereo system and the UConnect 3 with the 5" screen).
  13. 101 Course at Rausch Creek on 10/3/20

    I grew up near LBI and would do the same thing in the Pine Barrens. I hope RC is a little more challenging than sugar sand!
  14. 101 Course at Rausch Creek on 10/3/20

    It's on my radar, I'll post if I end up registering.
  15. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    I guess it is just a jeep thing.....
  16. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    Wait until your clock starts changing the time and makes you 5 minutes late (on average) to all appointments. Which radio do you have?
  17. Not Starting Jeep "THING"

    I use Magneti Marelli wiper blades on my JL. I would say I get a 5-10 hp bump.