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  1. Ultimate Dana 44 Axle install notes and pics

    Yeah, I have feeling the zerks are reversed here, although I don't understand the logic in painting over them. Yeah, these came installed. They feel real solid, though, and when you pull on the draglink by hand, it's definitely tighter than the stock axle. But the fact the zerks are wrong and...
  2. What do I need to do in order to fit 35s?

    Absolutely ridiculous. I don't know what the average shop rate for labor is up there, but the kit shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours tops to install with professional tools and a lift. I did it in a day and a half with hand tools and that's only because I got hung up on a control arm bolt that...
  3. What do I need to do in order to fit 35s?

    37s fit just fine with the Mopar 2" lift. Thing is, you'll get more than 2" with this kit. I easily got over 3", but it's settled down over time. I do rub a little bit in the rear at greater articulation, but it's just against some of the plastic liner between the fender and the bumper. It's no...
  4. Windshield Easter Eggs on 2021

    The Jeep in still in the corner of the windshield, but the grille up at the top center ended with the JK.
  5. Issues with Off-Road pages

    Folks have been bitching about ORP since the JL launched. There was even a thread about doing a class action lawsuit because of it. I think most folks who still have issues have just given up since Jeep failed miserably at getting it launched, making it work right, and getting it to appear on...
  6. JL 2018 Front Wheel question

    This is more likely, although going in this way actually seems like more of a pain in the ass than just popping the fender off or going in from the engine compartment.
  7. Stock vs Tire carrier vs bumper tire carrier

    The gate material is stronger and will certainly hold up better than the JK did, but the hinges will eventually succumb to the extra weight. I started getting squeaks with 37s attached to the stock carrier that had the RC relocation bracket (so the tire would clear the bumper). Bear in mind I'm...
  8. JL 2018 Front Wheel question

    That's the only reason I can think of (getting to the top bolt for the shocks), but I don't know why they'd need to cut all the excess they did on the sides.
  9. Ultimate Dana 44 Axle install notes and pics

    I'm helping a buddy of mine replace the stock D30 on his '19 JL Sahara with this axle and while the project has mostly been trouble free, we've encountered some really silly issues. Pictures are on his phone and as soon as I can get them, I'll post them up. Here's what we've run into so far...
  10. Secondary Battery Issue - or Fuses? [Resolved (I hope)]

    Yeah, I bet either the secondary battery is bad or there's a problem somewhere in the fuse box. The fuses in the box might actually be okay, too, but the block that's attached to the right of it might be bad. All easy fixes. Good luck!
  11. Driving with 4x4 high on highway

    It's the sharper turns that you gotta worry about, which aren't gonna be on a highway. You probably put more stress on the diffs when you made the turns onto and off the ramps, but your Jeep'll be fine.
  12. Picking a Wrangler...could use some help.

    The lockers are actually the one Rubicon feature I use the least. I love the 4:1 low range and the sway bar disconnect.
  13. What is the gizmo flashing green light under the dashboard?

    Is that device stuck to your dash with adhesive or was it drilled in? I know it's near the floor and not really visible, but I wouldn't be cool with that at all.
  14. Safest tube doors?

    I wouldn't expect any kind of protection with tube doors.
  15. Secondary Battery Issue - or Fuses? [Resolved (I hope)]

    Oh yeah. This kinda thing was happening to the review models back before the JL hit lots. However, while tedious, the battery is relatively easy to replace and a faulty or dying one is certainly indicative of the issues you're having. It could also be a problem with fuses, but regardless, that's...
  16. Are red Jeeps faster?

    If you think it's fast now, wait until you stick on a couple of these!
  17. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    He just thinks he's better than you because he has a boyfriend and you don't.
  18. New CB/GMRS/HAM Front-Mount Antenna Bracket

    Awesome. I've been waiting for something like this for a while. This should still work with the Mopar a-pillar brackets, right?
  19. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    Are the JL balljoints the same as they were in the JK?