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  1. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    Or 285mm :giggle: (11.22")
  2. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    Just the slope of my driveway, I am at 39" on both front and rear fenders (nice and level), I was at 37" before. I actually installed the Teraflex 1.5" spacer kit, which has a 2" spacer on the front, and a 1.5" on the rear (to get rid of the factory rake), but as I was already level, I added an...
  3. Advice on Options...

    I bought off the lot, and have the Alpine system, and as others have said I use it every time I drive somewhere! I didn't get the tow package, but I did add a hitch for about $60 (just 4 bolts) which I use occasionally to carry bikes. Another $70 if I want to add wiring in the future. As others...
  4. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    33s and a 2" spacer lift
  5. Well got my own first Jeep and its our second

    @Donta1979 I have the 2.0T and I'm very happy with it, no problems to date!
  6. New Rubicon owner

    Congratulations and welcome!
  7. Still have rake after level kit

    Assuming that you were level at the rock rails to start, your plans of “Thinking about a Dayster 1.5” in front and 3/4” in rear so I can do 35’s on factory wheels.” Should work and keep everything level. I have to think that there is a Rubi owner out there, with a stock Jeep, who can pull some...
  8. Still have rake after level kit

    @Jteakus Sounds like you want to find somebody else who has a similarly specced JLUR EcoDiesel (steel bumpers, tow package, hardtop), and have them pull some measurements. which you can then use to figure out what you lost. In my case measuring at the fenders proved no rake, and as the...
  9. Still have rake after level kit

    Before I installed my spacers, I measured front and rear, and was at 37" on both fenders, after installing the 2" spacers I went up to 39". In my mind, as long as you are measuring in the same spot before and after, you can determine your lift, on my Sahara, the fenders showed that I had no rake.
  10. Still have rake after level kit

    I went through the center line of the wheel to the bottom of the fender.
  11. Anyone else have OCD or Quirky behavior?

    I do 3 (clean door jams and underside of the door, I did just that yesterday) & 4 (plug in iPhone), as for doors off, not my thing (tried it and didn't like it). Also, ESS, I get that it's each to their own, but I have it on other vehicles and it really doesn't bother me at all. I have a 2.0T...
  12. Weathertech 3D Floormats much better than Floorliners

    I went with the Quadratec DigitalFit Front and Rear Liners by WeatherTech, they were $10 cheaper than the WeatherTech, just like @Goosed said, they tuck under the seat flange that bolts the seat to the floor.
  13. Anybody paint their wheels?

    Looks good!
  14. iPad installation for rear passenger viewing?

    What about something like this? or this...
  15. ? for base model owners about key/fob

    We had to manually crank windows too! :giggle:
  16. Anyone regret choosing black paint?

    I’m the black Jeep of the family! I like black cars, although Ocean Blue is starting to catch my eye...
  17. Any recommend STAT Mods for a newbie?

    An OCD center console organizer (I have both, but only use the lower one), and a stubby aerial!
  18. heated steering wheel too hot?

    There are people who have added sear heaters, some have even had the dealer do it. The cold weather package was one of my must haves, if I had built rather than off the lot I would have gone for proximity too! IMO the steering wheel doesn’t put get too hot, but it is on or off, I had an old BMW...
  19. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Maybe you just need to scroll down to see it? :fingerscrossed:
  20. My friends warned me...

    Congrats on your new Jeep. Just Empty Every Pocket Also, pictures or it didn't happen!