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  1. Soda's Sting Gray Build

    I changed things up a bit on the speaker setup: - Memphis Audio PRX60C components in the kick panel with the tweeters mounted on top of the dash (requires aftermarket housing) - Memphis PRX 603 in the rollbar (requires aftermarket housing to fit larger speakers up there) - Infinity Reference...
  2. Minnesota FS: New Quadratec Aluminum Brute Strength Winch Bumper

    $400 - gotta clear it out of the garage.
  3. Minnesota FS: New Quadratec Aluminum Brute Strength Winch Bumper

    Price drop to $500... getting the garage floor epoxied and would rather not move this box into temp storage!
  4. Minnesota FS: New Quadratec Aluminum Brute Strength Winch Bumper

    New bumper that has never been installed. There is slight damage on the end of the bumper. This is the first bumper I ordered... Quadratec sent a second one and it had the exact same damage. I decided to just install the second bumper and you can barely even see the damage. Retails for $999...
  5. Pulled over.

    I'm a biker too and definitely wouldn't enjoy getting hit by a rock that's anything over marble size! And I wear full gear religiously.
  6. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    I got pulled over for the same thing... my tires extend about 2” past the OEM sport fender flares. I see a ton of cool flares in this thread, but are any of them wide enough to give me the 2” coverage I need? I may just wing it and pay the fine, but don’t really feel like getting constantly...
  7. Pulled over.

    Sooo annoying given how much I just spent on the wheel/tire pkg. Does anyone make an extension that comes out just a bit to provide additional coverage?
  8. Pulled over.

    Let me preface by saying this... my driving record is completely clean. It’s been 10+ years since I was even pulled over for speeding. Got pulled over today. I was going 67 in a 70, but it was clear the state patrol was lined up along the highway just looking for issues. I was kind of...
  9. Green interior panel clips

    Anyone had any luck? I’m pretty sure I lost a few of these disassembling my dash.
  10. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    Thank you! We are on vacation in the Keys, trying to escape the MN cold for a few days... I am getting right back into the project as soon as we hit the ground tomorrow afternoon. I’d really like to fit those 6.75 Memphis Components if possible. We shall see.
  11. Aftermarket head unit retaining USB

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket headunit that also kept the factory USB plugs functioning? When I pulled out the Uconnect, I noticed a connection that looked like an older style USB plug. I found plenty of CarPlay units, but according to Crutchfield none of them retain factory USB. Thanks!
  12. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    Had a few hours this afternoon to start my stereo install and made the very bad decision to start with the kick panel speakers using the Metra adapter... what a nightmare disassembling the entire dash. Got to the point of removing the factory drivers side speaker pod and decided to test fit my...
  13. Bumper damage and mismatch - need advice!

    Man... Extreme Terrain was not nearly as easy to deal with. The return took about 30 minutes... with a good five minutes trying to sell me an aftermarket extended warranty. On a freaking BUMPER. I really like that Barricade linked above. It doesn't look like it has a heavy texture like the...
  14. Bumper damage and mismatch - need advice!

    Called Quadratec this morning to process the damaged return. Wow, their customer service is insanely good! I then called Extreme Terrain and they asked for pictures of the damage. I just emailed them pics and assuming no hang ups, I'm going to exchange the rear for this one. It seems to have...
  15. Bumper damage and mismatch - need advice!

    Thinking more about this overnight... I’m going to check with Quadratec on the return today. I will probably just exchange for a new one unless they offer a significant discount to keep it. The rear bumper finish is too different and I’m going to return (hopefully Extremeterrain will return...
  16. Bumper damage and mismatch - need advice!

    Probably some saplings and stuff, but not rocks or trail damage.
  17. Bumper damage and mismatch - need advice!

    One thought... I wonder how well the spray can bed liner products would work. That should get me the same finish on both of them and probably even hide the imperfection. I just don't want something that's chipping off in 12 months.
  18. Bumper damage and mismatch - need advice!

    Ran into a few issues with my bumper install and was hoping to get some feedback. I ordered two different brands for front and back. Each had the features/look that I wanted. They came tonight and the front has a pretty decent ding, the rear has a minor ding and the finishes are noticeably...
  19. Soda's Sting Gray Build

    Discount Tire called at 4pm last night and the tires/wheels were already in (shipped from California Thursday/Friday). They said to bring it over and they'd install right away. I can't say enough about how great they were to work with (and their prices blew other sites out of the water). They...
  20. WTB: Rubicon fender flares

    Looking for black or painted sting gray.