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  1. Ready or not... 2020 High Altitude JL / JLU build & price is here

    What’s the rationale behind such large wheels on a Jeep? Or is it just for a different aesthetic?
  2. Willys rentals?

    The ones here are mostly 2 doors. There’s another place in one of the other towns here and same things, all 2 door Willys.
  3. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    When you lowered the soft top did you cinch it down snugly with something like Velcro straps? I’m thinking of going with the trail cover version and am wondering if the fit would be a little better if the stowed soft top is cinched down tightly.
  4. Which Trail Cover

    Thanks, if you can post some pics that would be very helpful as I’m considering the same thing.
  5. How do Jeep motors get oil at steep angles?

    IF it’s even a problem then there might be a secondary pickup and maybe some kind of check valve; but I’m not sure it’s even a problem.
  6. Willys rentals?

    Martha’s Vineyard.
  7. Willys rentals?

    FCA must be offering deals or something else is going on with Willys because one of the rental places by me (which offers only Wranglers) has a bunch of brand new Willys available. What’s especially odd is that the MT tires that come on the Willys aren’t ideal for beach driving, which is the...
  8. Which Trail Cover

    Do a search here. I think somebody bought their trail cover which will cover a folded down soft top, albeit in a very snug fashion. Edit: here you go
  9. Which Trail Cover
  10. Offer for NYC healthcare volunteers

    Yes, good/safe parking is very hard to come by in Manhattan and often costs more than the car payment on a monthly basis. I'd love to help out a healthcare worker during this time if I can.
  11. 2020 JL Willys - Bumpy Start

    Bummer about the squawks your experiencing on a brand new Jeep. As far as the window storage bag, I have the Mopar bag and I really like it. Others here have reported liking it too. I like how it has the side “pockets” for aligning the hard pillars on the rear quarter windows. It can also be...
  12. Offer for NYC healthcare volunteers

    For those of you not from NYC but who are there helping out as healthcare workers, thank you! I have left town for a while as my office is shut down. I don’t see being back on a consistent basis until after Labor Day. If you are a healthcare worker who has come to NYC to help out and are in...
  13. Bummed after soft top vandalized :/

    Send it to de Blasio. He will use it as an example of how your privilege allowed you to get a great new vehicle which in turn has victimized the poor, disadvantaged saints who did this and how we are bad people for stigmatizing then by using terms such as “criminal” which is a horribly racist...
  14. Downsides to no LSD on 6 speed?

    From everything I’ve read putting 35s on a 6spd isn’t a great combo. The gearing is just way too tall. There are a few posts on about that combo here if you search, and I’ve also asked around (because I have a 6 speed with stock Sport gearing and wanted to go to 35s). Apparently it’s...
  15. Bummed after soft top vandalized :/

    Thanks for helping out NYC and sorry that our politicians have gotten so soft on crime that unfortunately circumstances like yours are very common these days. Where were you parked?
  16. Uconnect 3 5” Apple Car Play?

    Btw how do I find @infotainment? I couldn’t find them through member search
  17. Uconnect 3 5” Apple Car Play?

    I recently rented a car with Apple Car Play. My 2018 Sport has the 5” Unconnect without Car Play, but I thought I read an article a while ago about the new version of the low end Uconnect coming with Car Play. I can’t seem to find the article now. Does anybody know if the new generation of 5”...
  18. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    I heard back from Hi Lift, they told me that with the jack mounted there (using their mount) you’re likely to get 80% of the sprayers original coverage at 40+ MPH meaning that you’ll get less <40MPH.