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  1. Auxiliary led lights on OEM steel bumper

    I went all stedi lights on my front bar.. The middle light bolts straight into the factory holes the ones on the end caps i drilled holes and put nutserts/rivnuts in. That said.. Im not a major fan of the Stedi lights when compared to the xray light up on the roof rack.. that thing is insane
  2. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    We live in Australia.... We have limited options locally available and shipping generally isnt cheap. Plus you cant beat the price for that lift considering it includes everything you need to get a decent lift out of the door.
  3. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    its listed for 2.5" once i add the second fuel tank and load up with gear.. it will probably hit closer to 2.5" im guessing.. still plenty to go into the jeep including heavier side rails and steel rear bar..
  4. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Here's a couple of shots of my before and after with the AEV 2.5" lift. I have photos of before an after with a tape measure front and back for anyone thats interested.. but its closer to 3.5" like has been said before
  5. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    starting with replacing the shocks with some rough country vertex shocks, which will be here end of the month or next month (waiting on stock) then new adjustable control arms, track bar, relocate steering stabiliser and go from there.. New rims and tyres will come hopefully before end of year. =)
  6. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    yeah i have the aev lift now.. currently looking to upgrade the suspension again already lol. Though i was running 295/70/17 at stock height with no issues apart from some minor rubbing on the front left wheel inner fender at full lock left.. but it was only just touching by a couple of mm
  7. Antenna size and mounts

    the gme xrs units have speakers in the main unit and the hand held device so you can get sound from both at the same time.
  8. Antenna size and mounts

    I mounted the actual CB unit under the passenger seat and the hand held radio part as posted above.
  9. Roof rack advice

    I vote for the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform and not just because thats my Jeep in all the photos on their website =) Solid unit, looks good, holds heaps of static weight as the...
  10. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    I have close to 18,000k's on my tyres now.. still going awesome.. I spent the last 3 days camping in the snow and i was towing a trailer and everything through a blizzard down icy roads and all just fine.. Absolutely love them.
  11. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    Nitto Ridge Grapplers are my pick and thats what im running. Its a hybrid tyre, looks good, really quiet and performs very well. Worth looking into. Im running 295/70/17 though im thinking i'll upgrade to 35s soon in the same tyre.
  12. Aux switch ideas for JL/JT

    Sure thing, I did splice into the high beam wire behind the driver side head light for highbeam switching and also into the drivers side parker light for dimming of the control panel at night as well. Here is a photo i took when i installed it for that just in case moment if anyone else asked...
  13. Antenna size and mounts

    This is where i mounted the antenna on the roof.. its the best pic i had from start of the year, but im sure you get the idea of it.. cable passes through the roof.
  14. Antenna size and mounts

    I have the GME xrs370 pack with the 2.1 antenna and its fine for everything i need. Granted my antenna is mounted on the roof so i get pretty good coverage. But most of radio use would be out 4wding or in a convoy. so I cant see needing a longer range antenna as it is. I mean, its easy enough to...
  15. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Well once the kit arrives... im still waiting...... it was $2250 plus delivery when i ordered them over 5 months ago from JeepKonnection. I believe the price has gone up, but honestly.. I wouldnt waste your time waiting for this kit. Just get something locally available as this 5 month wait has...
  16. Aux switch ideas for JL/JT

    I loving having the roof rack, i think it fits the jeep perfectly compared to any other car on the market. But yes you have to drill through the roof, im not sure how easy/hard this process is as Rhino rack did this for me (As they used my jeep for some of their official pictures) though from...
  17. Winch installation and Warranty

    I installed the Smittybilt Gen2 X20 12k winch. Much better pricing than warn and i'd like to think higher quality and more reliable than the dominator winches.. but its something i dont plan on using all that much anyway, except for when friends get stuck in their hiluxes =)
  18. Aux switch ideas for JL/JT

    I mounted mine on the rhino rack pioneer platform. Allows me to get the most out of my 2.1db antenna. Even with the antenna folded down (Which is most of the time) I still get pretty good reception on it haha. I am a bit fan of light bars over round lights. I think they look better in my...
  19. Aux switch ideas for JL/JT

    i bought the low height one as that is all i needed and i think the mid height one might cause problems with the police. here is a photo roughly showing how high it is. Dont think you'll fit 8" lights under it to nicely
  20. AU Rubicon Fenders

    Good option on the painted.. I feel it also makes them look a little more premium and distants itself a little more from the older JK's =) Yeah im loving the Mojito... very rare to see them around, Pretty happy with it in the end considering i had to order it without seeing the paint in person...