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  1. Jeep owners probably most prepared for Corona Virus

    Ok...we all get it that there's people on here that aren't Trump supporters. BFD! If you want to continue on with that, why not compare the response that Obama had with the H1N1 virus??? I don't hear anything about that...all I hear is Trump bashing. Fine! Everyone gets it. But let me tell...
  2. Jeep owners probably most prepared for Corona Virus

    There is no misinformation in what I have talked about. The media has perpetuated panic and fear with this. What I have discussed has come from the CDC, the NIH and my own state's Department of Health Services. Again...I'm dealing with these patients on a daily basis and I must be very much...
  3. Jeep owners probably most prepared for Corona Virus

    This is probably going to be my only post on this subject because of the frustration of it. It pisses me off to read all of the BS about this virus. I'm a healthcare professional who is on the front-lines of this crap all frickin' day long. It's exhausting!!! I receive official updates twice...
  4. Wrangler Aerodynamics

    Some cows could be more aerodynamic than other breeds. What about the Charolais vs. Longhorn vs. Senepol vs. Brangus??? Then there's the Belted/Banded Galloway or Brahman that could throw a wrench into the mix as well because of more fur or floppy ears and a hump. Just sayin'... :bandit:
  5. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    The fender vents were placed to help with "hood-flutter" that was a problem/complaint with the JKs at higher speeds.
  6. Where are the Black and Green jeeps out there?

    Black, round ones. :CWL: :bandit:
  7. Today we say goodbye...

    Dilly, Dilly!!! :beer::beer:
  8. Did I fuq up? Potential Lift / Wheel mismatch?

    I think you be trippin', bro. If you're happy with the way your ride looks and you're not breaking any laws in the process, From what I can see in the photo, I don't think it looks fact, it's about like mine...maybe just a tad different than mine. I'd say you're lookin' good. :like:
  9. What axles do I have?

    Haha! SWAG...I like that. Very similar to a hypothesis. SWAG = Scientific Wild Ass Guess. :like: :bandit:
  10. Changed the top out.

    Wow! 28 seconds to change out the top?!?! You're good...I'm impressed! It takes me a good 10 or 15 minutes just to take my hard top off! ;)
  11. I wish my Jeep had...

    At least a 25 gallon gas tank...but a 30 gallon tank would be primo!
  12. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    I'm not sure that there are too many, if any sites at all, that are already selling color-matched wheels. There may be a couple out there somewhere. The wheels I have on my Jeep came to me black and then we had to sand blast them and put them in an acid bath and then they were powder-coated...
  13. Have you been hit on because of your Jeep.

    I get more compliments on my Jeep from women than I do from men. Go figure. I would've thought the opposite. I've even had one woman stop me to discuss the lift and whether or not I had re-geared the rear end. I'm single too but none of it has gotten me a date...but then again, I haven't...
  14. A topliftpro alternative I found

    Hmmm...I wonder if it has any bars to help stabilize the top when it's stored on it. If that is everything the "Top Pop" comes with in the picture then I'd pass on it. It really needs the two bars that help support and stabilize the top when it's on the lift. I have a Top Lift Pro and I think...
  15. Finally Gave Up

    Perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones out there who hasn't had any issues other than my Off Road Pages not being there but that was early on and I have them now. But, as for steering and overall drive quality and mechanics...I have a big frickin' goose egg of problems...none, nadda, zip, zilch...
  16. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Interesting color but I'll keep my granite crystal...thank you very much. :bandit:
  17. JL Questions - New owner

    Yes...Jeep Wave provided me with 4 oil changes and tire rotations. The dealer keeps record of them for you or at least in my case, they do. Adjusting the speedo for the 35" tires I have cost me $125 at the dealer but that was early on in the game for JL is a tad over a year old now so...
  18. AT&T Connected Car LTE Unlimited Hot Spot, $15 instead of $25

    If you have a the "Post Paid Plan"...which is $20/mo...if you call and ask them about the promotion, they will give you the $15/mo rate. I just did that myself. Even though it's just a $5 savings, that's better than nothing at all.

    Nothing special...just updating pictures...a little more than a year old now...2018 JLUR. :clap:
  20. GRANITE CRYSTAL METALLIC Wrangler JL Club Here ya' go. This is my build and the color is actually called "Wizard Red" which is available thru Prismatic Powders.