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  1. JL (2DR) 2017 JKU Hypergreen

    HYPERGREEN JEEP! 2017 JKU Rubicon Superb condition with lots of add-ons: Fox 2.0 Performance Series shocks and steering stabilizer 4 inch spring lift and one inch body lift 37" Nitto Ridge Grappler tires KMC XD series 7-hole alloy wheels Garvin Expedition Rack w/ Basket Hard Top Alpine...
  2. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Well shoot, if that's the case I should probably cancel my order and buy my friend's 2017 Rubicon. I'm going to stop by the dealership to see if they can get me a better idea on a delivery date and if it's going to be another month or more I'll have a hard decision to make.
  3. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    That's great, manual or automatic transmission, and what color? I ordered the JLUR with the same options, with the exception of the tow package, and I ordered it the same day that you did. I had a VIN three days later, but it's still in the parts gathering stage. I sold my other car far too...
  4. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    I initially ordered this when I thought I could order a Mojito Green Jeep, but the colors will work well on the Punk'n Orange as well. This is a still from one of my favorite comics: I enlarged and clarified it, so the sticker will be about 3"x5". I'm going...
  5. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Nope. I've talked to the Jeep chat a couple times per week since 20 Feb and each time they say the same thing, that it's still in the parts gathering phase, and that they will start building when the parts are together.
  6. Any Rubicon owners NOT planning to install lift/tires?

    You joke, but I saw one yesterday like this. It was lowered to the GROUND, and it had those wire-rimmed lowrider tires on it. I couldn't tell if it was an intentional attempt at irony or not...
  7. How Long To Get a VON?

    I ordered mine on the 20th and got my VON and VIN today. I'm beyond excited.
  8. What JL/JLU Wrangler Have You Ordered? Post and Vote Your Configuration Here!

    20 February, I ordered a punk'n orange JLU Rubicon with cloth seats the Uconnect infotainment group. I didn't want too many frills, but all of my buddies with jeeps says a Jeep without a nice sound system is lame, so I caved in to peer pressure.
  9. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I ordered a JLU Rubicon this week, after months of deliberation and discussion with my family. This is going to be exciting. I'm going to miss my VW that I'm selling to help pay for it, but I think it's a good upgrade.
  10. North Carolina Roll Call

    I'm at Fort Bragg. I ordered an Orange JLU Rubicon this week