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  1. Winch installation and Warranty

    Installed Warn winch this Friday, better front :)
  2. Australian Gladiator ETA

    Its factory one, same with JL, just removed cover
  3. Australian Gladiator ETA

    Got it last week. I love it
  4. Australian Gladiator ETA

    I will pick up my JT on Friday, cant wait...
  5. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Have you removed your spare tire? May I ask if you show me a clear photo for your Rubi? I am thinking to remove as well, thanks
  6. Sundry trip

    Love my Rubi
  7. Body coloured Hardtop for JL Rubicon

    I like coloured top
  8. How Can We Help?

    Please help, I am looking for license plate light full set plus cover. Thank you
  9. Finally, my Rubicon arrived

    Got this morning from dealer. first thing to get rid of front plastic cover, replaced steel rear bumper. new tires, sunshade, and tow package will install soon, wife asked why we have jeep parts delivered everyday. :)
  10. Insurance for Wrangler JL – Off Road Cover

    Comprehensive, I got less $800 for my JLU from Allianz on Wednesday, I am at QLD
  11. Trailer hitch and wiring harness?

    Will get my Rubicon next week, did some research for hitch, found on line in Mel, does anyone has experience with this product? Rugged Ridge 2" Receiver Hitch for 18-19 Jeep Wrangler JL with Optional Wiring Kit
  12. Delivery dates

    Just got phone call from that SA dealer and he said my order has been pushed to Dec, I ordered April and the established deliver date is 15th August. I am cancelling my order now as cant wait another 5 months. Does anyone got car from that dealer which is low price sold in this site?
  13. Rubicon with steel bumper

    NO HOLES on the bumper, sorry
  14. JL Wrangler Australia

    I asked dealer to install towbar before deliver to me, dont know yet if they are genuine Mopar. I have steel rear bar ready and ordered right size number plate
  15. Rubicon with steel bumper

    Taiwan, $1000 plus $100 delivery fee.
  16. Rubicon with steel bumper

    will see until got my delivery, 2 months away now.
  17. Rubicon with steel bumper

    If those ugly plastic covers can be removed, I would like sell my front steel bumper which I bought overseas. Purchased both front and rear last month, didnt think that au can approve steel one, ha
  18. Rubicon with steel bumper

    Yes this in AU dealership
  19. Rubicon with steel bumper

    Saw this photo on the FB, hopefully we can remove that ugly plastic cover.
  20. JL Wrangler Australia

    Ordered my Rubicon on 18th Jan for $72k, and dealer said it will be here by the end of April. Maybe cancel my contract if they cant deliver on time, and go with your dealer.