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  1. Are red Jeeps faster?

    Well we have to get these pages up so Lets Keep hammering on the obvious: White JEEPs are Faster!!!!!!!
  2. Winter arrived early

    Love the Red Jeep with the white snow.. My white Sahara would be invisible! Hopefully well get some snow in Kentucky this year, we haven't had much in the past few years.
  3. The original Sahara

    Very cool. Did not know when the trim started, but I do have a Sahara 2018 and love it. I'm close to upgrading the tires to K02's, probably next summer. I love the all-tan interior, I wich mine had that. Its just the seats. Doors and dash are really nice looking.
  4. Newbie question about the spare on the back of the Wrangler

    Most people in most cars rotate 4 tires, Jeeps have great access to the 5th tire, so I would venture to guess that most Jeep owners rotate 5 tires. If you think about it too much you will try to read way more into it than is really there. The logic of rotating 5 tires as opposed to 4 would...
  5. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    You mean you don't worry about what color your steering wheel is? Or what your Vanity plate would say??? I just cant believe what I am seeing.......
  6. JLU Pillar Damage Need Advice

    Depends on the cost I think. I would take it to a body shop and have them assess the damage. If its within your budget to pay for it then I would pay out of pocket and save the insurance claim for a real accident. Otherwise, if its a hefty sum then call your insurance company and get them...
  7. JLU Pillar Damage Need Advice

    I would get it fixed. Just my opinion.
  8. Grand Wagoneer anyone?

    Many repeating pictures, BUT Looks like ( as someone else stated) a cross between a Flex and some non-descript SUV. I like the old Wagoneer looks better.
  9. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Yea, either we are getting old or..... Wait.... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  10. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    That seems to correlate with price differences. More people buy the least expensive model. Which makes sense. Any Jeep is road or trail ready right off the lot. And the least expensive model can do 95% of what the most expensive model can do (my rough estimate, don't quote me on that).
  11. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    By the Way Love your Avatar, He was a GOAT! Will miss him....
  12. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I AGREE, Jeep is a Jeep.
  13. Jeepaholics Anonymous Thread (we can beat this together, man)

    Uhh, hello... Every time my wife gets in the Jeep she asks "what is that new gadget?" And she actually asked me what else I need.... should I tell her???
  14. Largest Tire on JLU Sahara - Stock Rims & no lift

    This is exactly what I am going to do, so its good to hear no rubbing.
  15. Half doors appears in system! "Dual Door Group With Base / Premium Uppers" [Updated with real life photos]

    I was talking about the metal uppers, no Twill or whatever the material is. Make it like a regular door window but half door.
  16. Half doors appears in system! "Dual Door Group With Base / Premium Uppers" [Updated with real life photos]

    I love the look of the Half doors, but practically, I just cant see it both financially and practically. With no windows, security is a huge issue. If you don't keep anything in your Jeep that's one thing, but if you don't want someone rifling through your stuff at night when you are sleeping...
  17. Reliability

    Yea, dealer experiences are a dime a dozen, some are good some are bad. Mine just happens to be a great dealership, or maybe I just have not had any problems with them,.... yet. I don't buy NEW cars very often, so My dealership now may not be the same in say 10 yrs. I have not really bought a...
  18. Reliability

    I've had relatively few problems with my Jeep. I believe reliability is relative to the person driving the vehicle. Ex: I got my steering box replaced, but did not think that my previous steering was all that bad. I mean I was used to it and did not see it as a problem. But I decided to get...
  19. Cosco tire experience

    Wow that’s awesome for Sams, I wish we had One close To us, but no such luck. I had no problem with my dealer rotating 5 tires with the Jeep Wave program. I’m done with it now, going to be doing my own oil changes and rotations
  20. Cosco tire experience

    I was at Cosco today and asked them about upgrading my tires. I have a 2018 Sahara w/18 inch rims and want to get 285/65/18. The Cisco guy said “ what’s the original size of your tires?” I told him 255/70/18. He said that if I brought the individual tires in they could mount them, but cannot...