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  1. Rear Bars with Tow Hitch

    The Hayman Reese kit comes with hitch, tongue, ball, plug n' play harness and flip up license plate holder. The included harness connects into the vehicle connectors at each tail light and provides the connection point for what ever trailer configuration you wish to use. In my installation this...
  2. 2.2 diesel Catch Can

    Really keen to find out how you went installing the catch can. Particularly; * Where to mount. Assuming there is no specific bracket. * Is the connection point above confirmed as correct?
  3. AU Rubicon Fenders

    I think this a very common experience. Welcome to the club.
  4. Installed Rhino Rack Backbone Pioneer platform -- Wobbly Rubicon.

    I have the Rhino Rack Backbone and Platform too. I have to agree with the majority and say I can't really notice a handling difference.
  5. Windshield mount for 50inch Lightbar

    There is plenty written about it online. With different state rules, it is hard to find anything conclusive. My take on it is the usual rules apply; * Must be used only when high beam switched on, and must turn off via the high beam switch. * Must be mounted evenly across the central axis of the...
  6. Antenna size and mounts

    Have you tried adding an earth wire between bonnet and firewall? The bonnet is not earthed well through the hinges.
  7. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    I had a 2014 BMW and it didn't remember the previous ESS setting. I had to turn ESS off with each start. It's only saving grace was that the ESS button was next to the Start button. Unfortunately not so in the RHD JL. I put up with it for a few months, but after a couple of times with the...
  8. Antenna size and mounts

    Magnet mount. I only used the front half of the mount which keeps it flatter against the dash Extension socket location Works well for me
  9. JL Wrangler Rubicon Diesel (2.2L)

    Welcome to the crew.
  10. Antenna size and mounts

    I found there is a large enough gap to the right of the glovebox under the dash. I didn't secure it with any brackets. It just tucks away nicely and hasn't moved. Remove the glovebox and you will see what I mean. The beauty of having all the controls in the microphone. I then ran the extension...
  11. Roof rack advice

    I think you will find, the official load limit in the manual is 45kgs for racks added to the gutters of the hard top. Somewhat less that a conventional steel roof vehicle, but where is the fun in that? Add on something like a Rhino Backbone with corresponding racks or platform and the vehicle...
  12. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    Keen to see how you go with that. Like the look of that solution with a drawer or two above it.
  13. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    Thanks Jaydee, good to see you are still happy with your choice. How many k's do you have on your tyres so far?
  14. Livernois ECM Tune for Wrangler JL V6 3.6L (Australia)

    Great review. Thanks for your honest opinion and experience.
  15. Bullbars in Australia?

    The bar comes with the cutouts and mounting points for the sensors and the fog lights (also includes additional parts for sensor mounting), simply remove the sensors, wiring harness and fog lights from the factory bar and fit them to the ARB bar.
  16. Bullbars in Australia?

    Added the ARB rear bar to mine.
  17. Rubicon wheels, thinking of selling...

    Yes, you are right (sorry confusing old laws when you could only go one inch bigger in tire size). The total max lift is 3 inches or 75mm. That allows for 1 inch lift in the tires (2 inch in diameter) plus 2 inches in the suspension.
  18. Antenna size and mounts

    Also GME XRS370, with the 2.1 in the kit and the 6.6 included in the special deal. Tend to use the short 2.1 most of the time. I created a simple angle bracket which bolts to the chassis rail using one of the existing bumper bracket bolts. Added the GME hinge unit, so the antenna lays flat...
  19. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Quote from March 2020 was $2520 which included fitting and wheel alignment.
  20. Hood struts for JL

    Aside from the shape in the hood, it is made from steel rather than aluminium, so assume there is a weight difference. I have attached a photo of the engine bay of my 2.2L diesel. As you can see there is nothing special about the hinges, so not sure what the term "passive pedestrian protection"...