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  1. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    I wonder if there are members out there who have the safety group(s), turned it off due to annoyance, and then got into the type of accident that the nanny would have prevented.
  2. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Hopefully this one is better for you. They don't stick out much at all.
  3. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Look at post #408 in this thread for three profile shots in evolving stages. They are JL-spec wheels.
  4. extended Warranty

  5. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    Every time I roll on that throttle, the torque continues to amaze and I’m in the 20s on fuel mileage - in a 2.5 ton Jeep. Imagine the fuel efficiency if I didn’t test the torque at every red light and stop sign. Addictive. If this is worthless, I’m all in. And...diesel costs $.60 less than...
  6. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    I can’t understand what you are saying. Perhaps if I knew what “PM” is referring to. ?????
  7. Wireless Carplay dongle?

    There are several devices on the market to enable wireless connectivity to Carplay. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  8. mounting Scangauge?

    So, It's been 3 weeks since I mounted this - still holding very well. In fact I peeled it up a week ago to see if the dash is damage-free from the stickiness - perfect. There is just the right amount of tackiness, so there is no residual left on the dash, yet it holds place very securely...
  9. Synergy or Rusty's or Steer Smarts front track bar brace?

    Actually, I'm trying not to deal with that 42mm nut at all. I'm a shade tree mechanic at best. My biggest curiosity is whether the non-sector shaft solutions (like SteerSmarts/Rusty's) reduce play with the much simpler track bar only reinforcement. Truth be told, given that I have the new...
  10. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    You are one good crash away from embracing the technology.
  11. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    I noticed that you very gently corrected my spelling - subtly done, thank you!
  12. Synergy or Rusty's or Steer Smarts front track bar brace?

    I'm trying to minimize play in my steering. I already have the "new" steering box. Naïve question: When I see YouTube videos depicting steering box movement, does the track bar brace itself address that, or is it the sector shaft brace? I ask because Rusty's and Steer Smart make a brace...
  13. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    "Ludite Lite" - I like it! What put me over the top was the rear-ender that I linked to in post #1 in this thread. I suspect that the front collision warning would have saved my bacon.
  14. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    The irony here is that, as a senior citizen, I should be the one shying away from innovation, so I'm surprised at the organ-donor-rejection responses. I'm willing to take a few false alarms if there is a chance that the features will help me. That said, I've only had helpful experiences so far...
  15. Track bar braces

    Unfortunately it's been aligned twice in it's short life - no impact. Do the various track bar braces help with play, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is it a correct assumption that I wouldn't need the sector shaft brace in any case? I've been spoiled by my last four JKs' steering and if I...
  16. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    One upside to retirement is an almost complete lack of parking garages in my life. :)
  17. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    Would the sensitivity setting help with that? I've only been on the "far" (most sensitive) setting so I don't know the seat-of-the-pants differences between the three.
  18. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    I turned 65 this summer and wanted some technology to help offset any diminishment in my reflexes (or even moments of inattention from time-to-time :)), so I ordered both safety packages. I tried the suggestion of the Luddite members on here - "It's simple, just pay attention", but being...
  19. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Here is my JLURD's progression: Completely stock With 35s (Mickey Thompson mud terrains on AEV Borahs) With 35s + Teraflex leveling kit (2" front / 1.5" rear) Picture #3 also has Ace rock rails (although they are hard to see from this angle)
  20. Track bar braces

    Naive question: My 2021 JLURD has the "new" cast iron steering box, but I still have a lot of steering wheel play compared to my previous JKs. Will Rusty's brace help?