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  1. The AUX switch kit you buy is not the same as if the vehicle come with it

    Ya this was a bummer when I added mine when I had the JL. Its not the exact same setup as OEM even though its OEM lol.
  2. My friends warned me...

    Honestly, drive it around. Go to the off-road spots you plan to wheel and or CAMP etc. You'll learn quickly what and if you need anything at all. The Stock Jeep Wrangler in base form is Very very Capable. You may be perfectly fine just jumping up a tire size and changing to a more aggressive...
  3. Speaker replacement upgrade

    You will love those Alpine Type-R 6.5's I had them in my Cherokee XJ.
  4. 12V Fridge & freezer

    I wouldn't. When I installed my ARB Power wire Kit I removed the panel to check and the wires going into that 12v plug are TINY. I wouldn't use it to run anything more than a LED light much less a fridge or compressor.
  5. My friends warned me...

    It ends when you start having problems and have to undo all your mods because the dealer will throw a fit when you try do a warranty claim. Happened to me for the steering issue. LOL. Trust me. Keep it stock for at least a few months or a year to make sure you got a good one.
  6. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    When I had my JL I did just that with OEM locks. If you search the forum you can find my POST on it. You can see how I did mine here: it was back in 2018 and members have since then refined the process. One guy even...
  7. Should I pursue lemon law?

    We can go in circles. Peoples views change based on the experiences they had. Funny how this works. I too have had a number of new cars from all auto makers. Like I said I have no real brand loyalty. All of mine have been free of issues except for my JL. I will say that my JL was the only...
  8. Texas: JL Audio 10TW1-2 Subwoofer

    This is not the Sub Enclosure. This is the Subwoofer by itself. You can find or build a small Sub Box and mount it in there. You could use one like this or you can find a vehicle specific enclosure.
  9. Should I pursue lemon law?

    Thats fine. I'm no fanboy. What I do know is my JEEP Sucked asshole as far as reliability. The Tacoma Transmission were not actual issues. as in they stopped working. They were just shift programming. Thats been fixed with 2020's. We shall see how good my Tacoma is. If it starts to suck...
  10. Should I pursue lemon law?

    That sucks. I think as time goes on we're going to see a lot of 2018's with more and more issues now that they're getting use. I had to trade mine in for another vehicle. I couldn't take it anymore and the problem is that the Lemon Laws only cover for the same ISSUE over and over. My Jeep one...
  11. So many problems.

    I never buy used for that reason. I traded in my JL with just under 17k on the odometer because of issues. When I talked to my salesman at the Toyota dealership a few weeks later he said my JEEP sold in less than 2 days on the lot. They had barely even inventory'ed it. Then he said the guy...
  12. Chapter closing

    I agree. MY JL’s V6 and 8sp was a way better combo than what’s in my Tacoma. But I dont miss the issues the JL was giving me one bit!! Worst case I just add a TURBO to the tacoma in a few years.
  13. Chapter closing

    The 2020’s have 10way seats now. So you’d an raise them, move them pretty much how you want.
  14. Warn 9.5 CTI-S on a factory steel bumper?

    No. I ended up buying the Warn Zeon 10. Then I traded in the Jeep.
  15. I have JL rubicon 2020 My dash board and the displ ay keep working every few mints and battery drain

    nope. I had a Jeep service tech say it’s stored in dash computer. If it could be found why did they need me to figure out what it was.
  16. My Jeep left us stranded in the middle of nowhere for 3 hours!

    With the electronics in Jeeps these days those days are long gone man.
  17. I have JL rubicon 2020 My dash board and the displ ay keep working every few mints and battery drain

    Your Dashboard is about to have a heart attack. Happened to mine when I had it and prompted me to trade the damn thing in. That was happening to mine and all of a sudden the DASH DIED. And in doing so, for whatever reason it would leave the SHIFTER LIGHTS on even when off causing my battery...
  18. 7K Quote.. WTF

    I don't see how this is hard to understand. If you actually LOOK at it you can see its 3 different items included in one quote. Pick the Tires you want and subtract the other 2 options.
  19. Texas Outback Adventures Tailgater Table

    Rio Grande Valley. Weslaco,Tx specifically.
  20. Chapter closing

    Theres TURBO options for the TACO coming out :) I may go that route after warranty.