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  1. 38” Tires fit and they are awesom!!

    Thanks man, good to know! ... I was hoping someone out there had gone through the same thought process as me! lol
  2. 38” Tires fit and they are awesom!!

    Gotcha! So did u run those same 38 Pat's? And were you running the stock wheels? Do u have any pics? Thanks!
  3. 38” Tires fit and they are awesom!!

    hey guys, i know this is an old thread, but its what popped up when i was searching for info on 38's and spacer lift. Anyways ... i just traded in my fully modded out JKU for a 2020 JLUR, and its hard going from a jeep with a 4" lift and 37's to a stock jeep, lol, but i cant afford to do...
  4. Illinois Baja Designs Squadron Pro pair

    are these still available?
  5. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    this is actually my first jeep sticker ... bought my JL 2 weeks ago. did the black out fender vent decal but added my custom jeep logo to it. my jeeps name is LANDSHARK so i wanted a shark version of the Hellcat logo.