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  1. 2H vs 4H

    Good info shares! A few experience points of my own: 1. I keep mine in 2H almost always, though when the roads or trails are slick, I will use 4H as necessary (heavy rain, snow/ice actually on roadway, etc.). You don't want to keep it in 4H on dry pavement or even some gravel as it will cause...
  2. Gladiator Trailer Brake Controller also works on Wrangler JL

    Wow! Thanks for the heads-up! I tow regularly and this will be a welcome addition! Really was hoping for a factory controller. Never did get one for the Grand!
  3. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    As @entropy says above, the JL Rubicon around Park City is certainly a status symbol; nearly as much as the G-wagens. So many people buy the Rubicon Recon loaded only because it is the most expensive Wrangler, whether or not that's what suits their needs.
  4. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Buy what you like, drive what you like, mod what you like. I used to have some of that elitist mentality ("your Renegade isn't a Jeep" but they bought into the brand too). All of us use the vehicles differently, have different expectations, and realities. One of the greatest attributes of the...
  5. Moab Downfall

    I too have noticed Moab's decline over the last 10 years, especially. Town has just become overcrowded for its size. Used to be easy to roll down after work on a Friday and still find a campsite near town. Now you need to be there by Wednesday afternoon, if then. Friends that used to close their...
  6. Metalcloak underarmor installed

    I too am on the fence about 2.5 or 3.5. One of these days I'll decide. ;-)
  7. Tazer mini for 2020 JL Rubicon 3.0L diesel

    Thank you @Plongson for the detailed feedback! I know I'll need a programmer sooner than later, but it does seem like no one has spent enough time with a diesel. I guess same with suspensions and all the other farkle.
  8. Rock slide Engineering fail

    Heard of several RSE failures around here. Many ongoing. Especially if you have winter roads with salt/deicer and slush. "Great, when they work."
  9. Metalcloak underarmor installed

    Skids look good, Mike! I've been adding MC to my cart daily for the last few weeks (since before I had the JL yet). I go around in circles though regarding the control arm and FAD skids. What made you pick the Rock Hard? I had Rock Hard skids on my JKUR. They held up pretty well, but the powder...
  10. MetalCloak 2.5" True Dual vs Dynatrac Enduro 2"

    Front driveshaft is to eliminate a contact point between the driveshaft and a crossmember at full droop on the front driver's side. Most replacement shafts are thinner diameter than the fat factory one so don't make contact.
  11. Just Another White Rubicon

    Did some boat shuffling and some central Wasatch backcountry drives over the weekend. Jeep did great pulling my 3500 lbs boat up the canyon back to the lake. Didn't loose power and decelerate on the steepest sections like the 2020 Tahoe I had last month did. Love that diesel! Found the rub...
  12. Why 17” wheels and not 18 or 20”?

    There are more aggressive tires becoming available in the 18" wheel with lower load ratings. I'd guess it has to do with more SUVs coming with 18" standard. When I started shopping tires for my Grand there wasn't much. Falken dropped a bunch of new sizes last year, and it seemed like Goodyear...
  13. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    Getting it fixed for "free" is one thing. But what about the time necessary to drive to the dealer, get a ride or loaner to get home, then reverse the process to pick it up. If I'm relying on my wife or a friend, I've taken their time as well. I've found my "free" warranty repairs basically cost...
  14. High stock suspension?

    I measured 39" from ground to outer edge of black Rubicon fender lip at both front and rear with stock wheels/tires/suspension on my 2021 JLURD. Does anyone have or have seen measurements for a 3.6 or 2.0 Rubicon?
  15. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    Your story sounds so familiar to some of the frustrations I faced with my 2018 WK2. Tried most of the dealers in Salt Lake and Utah valleys. Thought I finally found a good one but when my wife got home from the 30k included oil chang the Jeep left a pool of used oil on the floor. Tech had left a...
  16. Scepter Military Gas Cans

    I've had a pair of the Scepter fuel cans (and water cans) for maybe a dozen years now. Got them off ebay. Looks like there are still several sellers (though much fewer than I remember). Maybe local surplus stores, too (again, much fewer of those than I remember, too)? I know they aren't CARB...
  17. 3.0 Diesel achieved 33 MPG on 9-hour Trail Run

    Awesome your mileage was that great! Fun trip! We like to stop by the geode beds to play geologist for lunch.
  18. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Can you post or DM a measurement from ground to maybe top of Rubicon rock rail? Or maybe fender edge? I was at 39" ground to bottom of black fender lip before swapping tires to 37s, and gained almost exactly 2" to 41" with the bigger tires. Trying to decide on 2.5" or 3.5" springs...
  19. 3.0 Fuses

    Thank you for posting this! I knew to check when we were taking delivery Saturday. Almost all of mine were not fully seated.
  20. Just Another White Rubicon

    White JLU Rubicon with Dark Saddle leather interior, with the tan soft top. I had a hard time finding any images of the combo before I ordered, so wanted to throw a few photos up to maybe help others decide. I am really happy with the look!