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  1. Jurassic World 3 Dominion- Jeeps are Back!

    Pretty sure that isn't a gladiator lolz...
  2. Michigan JL OEM MUFFLER (***NO RUST***) SOLD

    A JL OEM muffler with not rust. $125 shipped O.B.O
  3. Arizona FlowMaster Exhaust For Sale - Arizona

    PM'd, Whats the price?
  4. Factory orders - build priority sequence

    With production leveling and sequencing/scheduling there is the possibility that you'll see and Automatic 2-door then a Manual 4-door or any possiblity in between. And if there is a issue on the line whether it be due to quality, material or an act of god it will shut the whole line down, which...
  5. Factory orders - build priority sequence

    Have you seen this video? Assembly is literally one line that snakes throughout the plant, it is literally is one car at a time down the line with both 2 and 4 doors.
  6. Factory orders - build priority sequence

    They get painted in batches and then sit in a bank/selection area before they reach trim, this is why you will see different colors on the line. This helps with production leveling when it comes to building models with certain part limitations.
  7. Upgrade to Alpine premium system

    my alpine system I have in my 2020 willy's 2-door sounds great when compared to the harmon kardon I had in my alfa romeo giulia and the beats i had in my compass. Do you have a soft top? What about the alpine system in your wrangler sucks?
  8. Factory orders - build priority sequence

    Realistically all parts tend to be available it is the quantity that plays a factor, there are certain limitation due to production schedule and what suppliers are able to produce. These limitations will cause restrictions within each line of the plant which leads the plant to level production...
  9. LED Turn Signal Message

    That literally makes no sense, if they are using OEM parts there is no reason why it would create any issues with your warranty... thats like saying that installing the Mopar sidesteps would void you warrenty. It sounds like the dealership is doing a run around with you...
  10. LED Turn Signal Message

    If the dealership installed OEM parts correctly there should be no issue, if you are still getting a message it should be a red flag that they didn't install it properly. Just because they now "work" after several trips back to them doesn't mean that they are functioning properly as they should...
  11. Michigan Dynomax 39537 Muffler Delete

    Are there any updates? I have sent a PM, replied directly to this feed that I had PM'd yet have not received any updates or replies...
  12. Where's the love for the 2dr JL

    Posted this in another thread, but I want to keep showing her off and show some 2 door love!!!
  13. New 2dr Willys Edition

    I guess it all comes down to how much off-road driving you plan on doing
  14. New 2dr Willys Edition

    I picked her up last Friday and I could not be any happier with my decision!!!