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  1. Leather or Cloth Seats

    The padding difference might due to base Sport trim vs Rubicon trim, not necessarily cloth vs leather.
  2. Jurassic World 3 Dominion- Jeeps are Back!

    Parts picked out by an associate movie produces teenage son....
  3. Soft top vs hard top

    There are a couple YouTube videos out there comparing the hard top vs soft top noise. Keep in mind, the hard top is designed to be taken off, so it won't be nearly as quiet as a normal SUV without a removable roof. I wouldn't use noise as a primary factor in deciding which top I wanted. I only...
  4. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    My KO2s have been fine in the rain in Southeastern PA. It is worth remembering it isn't a AWD or FWD platform when driving. Only about 2years/18k miles total on them so far.
  5. Half doors appears in system! "Dual Door Group With Base / Premium Uppers" [Updated with real life photos]

    I would guess that the larger, square window would be able to be taken/rolled/unzipped down. I hope that if that is the final production form of the upper, it looks that way because it can truly hold up in a storm with little to no water intrusion. If it looks that way and keeps water out, I...
  6. Half doors appears in system! "Dual Door Group With Base / Premium Uppers" [Updated with real life photos]

    At one time, bread used to cost a nickel a loaf and you had to slice it yourself. Now they force you into the added price of a wrapper and already sliced.
  7. JLU vs Benz vs Mitsubishi

    At least for the US, I think KO2s were standard on Rubicons for 2018+2019, and then a MT option was available for 2020s. My 2019 came standard with KO2s.
  8. Soft Top Damage Warranty ?

    I had my 2019 premium (factory) top replaced under warranty, I think it had around 10 months/8k miles at the time. I had a small hole start to develop above my drivers door. Dealer had no problems with my claim, they provided a rental (mini-van/mega-fun) for the two days it took them to replace...
  9. Katzkin service

    It seemed like they were helpful to people on this forum when JL first came out, although I had no experience with them. @Katzkin ?
  10. 101 Course at Rausch Creek on 10/3/20

    Check their website for dates and classes that work for you.
  11. 101 Course at Rausch Creek 11/7/20

    @oceanblue2019 Your LOD armor is going to make my checking account unhappy. I would definitely recommend the classes to anyone with a 4wd vehicle.
  12. 101 Course at Rausch Creek 11/7/20

    Oh yeah, bring a lunch. I think AOAA served food at the time, unsure if they still do. Rausch did not when I was there. Show up with at least half a tank of gas.
  13. 101 Course at Rausch Creek 11/7/20

    I did the 101 course at AOAA sometime around March or April, pre-Covid. I just did the 201 course this weekend at Rausch. I enjoyed both of them a lot, gives you an idea what to expect on the trail, and they do a good job of building your confidence in seeing what the Jeep can do. Depending on...
  14. Question about sky one-touch top vs 3-piece hard top

    Not mine but see post #143 in this thread, may help out.
  15. V6 or 4cyl Turbo 2Dr Rubicon

    But we need another 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder thread. Where people can just reemphasize their own opinions with little to no experience with the engine they didn't buy.
  16. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    Of these, I would probably go Hydro Blue or Nacho.
  17. Auto start/stop rant

    I've never mangled my finger pressing the disable button.
  18. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    Just to be clear, do you have factual, legal documentation supporting your argument that in state laws don't apply to out of state vehicles? Or just a gut feeling? I don't, I am just going off of friends experiences from living in several states that had out of state registrations for their...
  19. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    I don't think your information is correct. When I was in the military, cops enforce local window tint laws all the time, didn't matter where the plates were from. Now a Florida cop wouldn't enforce a New Jersey inspection. Cops can tend to enforce "our roads, our rules".
  20. Is the U-connect with Nav a "must have" for most buyers?

    I would buy for what I want and not what the next person wants. That being said, adding the Alpine speaker package alone adds $1295 MSRP. Adding the 8.4" display adds $1895 MSRP, but includes the Alpine speaker upgrade, so if you are getting the Alpine speakers anyway, it only adds $600 MSRP.