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  1. Advanced driveline axles

    Anyone use their stuff? Considering their rear 60.
  2. Falcon 3.3 shocks blown seals

    So I've sent my shocks in because they were leaking. Teraflex is claiming some over spray on the very bottom of the shock where it doesn't actually compress has caused both front seals to leak. Am I crazy or does this seem very unlikely if even possible. I run 3" of bumpstop and have since the...
  3. Rubicon axle upgrades

    Added some upgrades to the front and rear axle. Rear got a Barnes truss and it already has 4.88 gears and chromoly axles. Front got a Barnes truss, set of RCV axles, Reid knuckles and ball joint deletes and a steer smart drag link.
  4. Lp4/6 fairlead mount?

    Has anyone mounted a set of lp4 or 6 light with a fairlead mount? Trying to figure out where I want to mount a set to Motobilt crusher bumper.
  5. 2 door Ocean Blue Rubicon build.

    Going to start a build thread to track the build like I wanted to when I picked it up in late 2018. I've had several jeeps 2 and 4 door this is number 6 or 7. I've got a lot of great friends with a lot of knowledge and with their help we've installed everything on this jeep. Honestly without the...
  6. Teraflex diff cover issues

    Regeared the jeep over the last weekend and had a teraflex diff cover to put on. I've used their old style covers on my jk but after 6 attempts I gave up trying to get it to seal and just put the factory cover back on. It was constantly leaking from the bottom. I tried two different types of...
  7. Rear bumpers...what are you using?

    My last outing resulted in my factory steel bumper giving me some nice body damage after dropping off a decent sized ledge. I knew this was a problem but was hoping it would hold up longer. I'm curious what your running that you've used and abused and it's taken the hits without causing dmg to...
  8. Jl shock bolt size?

    Lost front upper shock bolt on the trail today and can't seem to find consistent info. I'm think it's m12x1.50x120 but tryIng to make sure.
  9. Falcon shocks worth that wait?

    I was considering falcon 3.3sp2 but looking around you can't buy them and was just told up to 14 week backorder from teraflex. Covid set everyone back so I get the long lead times so def not knocking them for it I'm just not sure I want to wait that long.
  10. Interesting new programmer kickstarter ECRI

    If kickstarters arent your thing its def something to keep an eye on. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ecri/ecri-change-settings-on-your-vehicle/?ref=kicktraq I've talked to them about the JL ess and they're looking into it.
  11. Cleaning and maintaining offroad tires

    So I'll start by saying I've detailed a lot of cars and do it on the side for extra money. I've got a decent bit of experience and knowledge and wanted to share this since I see a lot of people struggle cleaning up mud tires. These tires are the stock Rubicon at tires and they're about 4...
  12. What not to say when your wife talks about 10 year anniversary gifts

    Thw wife mentioned a upgrade to her wedding ring for 10 years and the correct response was not "do you think you've earned it?" Lol. In full disclosure she is great and I was just giving her a hard time. She supports my jeep hobby and just me very well. It makes owning a jeep more fun having...
  13. Late winter paint prep on our grand

    Been busy and had a warm day so knocked it out before the next snow. It got the following Wash (megs hyper wash) Fallout decontam (carpro iron x) Clay bar Sealant (Wolfgang deep gloss) Windows polished and coated (mckees glass coat) Wheels (irons and sonax) Tires (griots rubber cleaner) The...
  14. First offroad trip to smorr in stock 2 door jlr

    Went out this Saturday and ran some trails at Smorr. I didnt expect it to be nearly as capable as it was right from the factory. The limiting factor was definitely me. Wet and muddy made all the trails a good bit harder. Flex for stock was pretty good. Much better than the jk when it...
  15. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    Searched the forum but couldn't find any info on these. What makes them no limits? I know in the past on rubicons I would run their rear link in their kit up front so I didn't have to disconnect and could still use just the electric disco. Has anyone installed a set? Are the just adjustable...