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  1. Aux light switch options

    You can actually, just not the heigh10.
  2. Aux light switch options

    Anyone have any experience using the Stinger integrated relay seen here? https://stingeroffroad.com/products/switchhub-4-channel-100-amp-solid-state-relay?variant=37527524638869 I’ve got a base sport with rollup windows and I was thinking of using a window switch to activate the relay...
  3. Massachusetts Rubicon takeoff’s

    I forgot to mention TpMS is installed on all 5 wheels, They came off a 2020 Rubi
  4. Massachusetts Sold: Rubicon takeoff’s

    Hello all, Got a set of 5 Rubicon takeoff’s and G2 wheel spacers (1.75). Wheels are in excellent condition with no curb rash and minimal rock chips. They have 33”. K02’s with about 40k on them, spare is new tire. asking $800 for whole setup, open to reasonable offers. Local pickup only sorry...
  5. Ohio Icon Rebound wheels

    I’m in MA and willing to drive PM please
  6. Converting Sport S to HD Brakes (BRY to BR6)

    So I did a bit more research and I couldn’t find a difference for the rear brake hoses. I ended up ordering the power stop rear calipers from Rock auto, part numbers POWER STOPL15015 POWER STOPL15014 for left and right and I ordered the dynamic friction pad/rotor combo kit. I was lucky enough to...
  7. Converting Sport S to HD Brakes (BRY to BR6)

    Great thread. I’m thinking of doing the same on my 2020 sport. Could you find the p/n for the rear calipers on Rock Auto, I searched but came up empty.
  8. California 2022 Jeep Wrangler 392 NON XR Rolling Chassis For Sale

    Price for brakes(calipers/rotors/hardware) shipped to 02360 pls
  9. Massachusetts Oracle LED Fog Lights #5847

    Check your bumper, there are 2 different mounting styles, one is 4 hole, one is 3 hole. These work with the 3 hole version. Wiring is the same as far as I know, kit comes with adapters. The halo’s are wired separately.
  10. New Jersey FS 17x9 fuel beast with ko2 35s set of 5 - $2k

    I’m in MA, any chance you’d be willing to meet up in New Haven?(half way). I’ll buy the pizza.
  11. Backgrounds for Stinger Heigh10 JLU Radios

    I’m a bit of a Nov with programming. How do you change the wallpaper and splash screen?
  12. Massachusetts Oracle LED Fog Lights #5847

    I don’t think these will fit the Sahara bumper. These are the 5847-001 white halo option
  13. Time Alignment specs for JLU

    Hello All, I've spent considerable time and effort trying to get the front stage and sound bar in alignment and I've finally got it dialed in so I figured I'd share with the group. First thing's first. Before trying to time align any speakers in your Jeep its imperative you get the speakers in...
  14. Stinger Heigh10 + NON-AUTO climate controls...

    I'm not sure that is correct as i have a 2020 sport that had the 5" Stock and despite not being able to get the compass to work on the Stinger i've got it working just fine in my instrument cluster.
  15. 8.4in Radio Upgrade Install from 7" screen?

    So I started with the stock 5”, upgraded to the 7”, then to the 8.4, and now I’ve got a heigh10 from stinger and there is no comparison. While a bit pricey, I paid $1500 with the Nav chip and vehicle integration, it’s head and shoulders better than any of the Jeep offerings. You retain all...
  16. Massachusetts Oracle LED Fog Lights #5847

    Additional pics
  17. Massachusetts Oracle LED Fog Lights #5847

    Hello all, For sale are my Oracle fog lights with white halo option part #5847. These are the 3 screw mounting version for the plastic Sport/Sport S bumper. These were used for about 5 months last summer before upgrading to a Rival aluminum bumper where they didn’t fit. Great 20 W led fogs...
  18. Massachusetts JLU Premium Twill soft top

    Bump. BRO it’s got to go!!