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  1. 2021 Wrangler Fleet Buyers Guide Shows Gecko, Nacho, and Chief Blue! NO MORE SARGE?

    I love my mojito but the gecko is nice. I would pick the chief color if I was picking a shade of blue. And nacho for a third pick.
  2. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    Bank closes at 5! Better hurry...Seeya
  3. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    That’s awesome and thank you! You’ll have my money soon enough
  4. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Too bad it’s a four door. I have a two but still cool shirt.
  5. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Stay ! It’s a shame that gladiator isn’t mojito green!?!?!? Otherwise I’d say go. Or wait for the two door gladiator which is what i am doing. But if it doesn’t come in the form of this color? I stick with my little green friend.
  6. JL Reliability Opinions/Thoughts

    I have a 2018 Jeep JL 2 door wrangler in mojito green. And I haven’t had any issues until today. Started my Jeep up to leave for work and noticed a serious amount of blue/grey exhaust filling up the garage I have 20300 miles on it and it’s due for an oil change so I called the dealership about...
  7. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Sorry, not covers but the actual speaker covers. Just taped them up and painted them.
  8. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    I painted them. Got the paint from eBay. I also bought some round vent covers and painted those green as well. Just haven’t taken photos yet but will soon.
  9. Bye bye Bikini for 2021 model year? [Confirmed]

    Like the color but I’ll stick with my mojito.
  10. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Looks good! Still debating if I want this done. I just did a couple of things done.
  11. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    I also notice people admiring my moji. It’s funny when I point it out to my wife how she thought I was full of...But later realized that I was right. I love this color on a Jeep. Cuz this one is a head turner.
  12. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Welcome to the family my little green friend!!!
  13. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Nice jeep and welcome to the family.
  14. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Well said brother. Hope to have my moji look that pretty some day.
  15. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    No matter how many of these pictures are posted it never gets old looking at all of these pretty Mojito jeeps.
  16. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Welcome to the family and happy holidays
  17. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Looks even better when it’s dirty. Pics look like they are from a catalog well done.