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  1. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    A steering box not out of a 1950's pickup truck.
  2. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I'm a Ford guy and love the original Bronco. Hopefully Ford has done a good job and not an FJ cruiser failed attempt. Thinking of trading my 19 JKR for it, or do I spend 4k on an aftermarket steering box and another 2k on draglink, tie rods.... to fix the factory steering on the Jeep?
  3. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    I have those tires and wheels on my 2 dr JK. Been thinking of putting them on the JL too.
  4. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Ive never seen that many 2 doors! I have a 2 door JK and I'm normally the only one.
  5. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Is this Nemo's tunnel in East TN?
  6. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    ACE sliders? Thats what I have
  7. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I've taken the JL 2-3 times and stayed on 2's and 3's ( on a 5 point system). You know how it goes, you see a group do a trail and you wana go.... I don't want to be nervous the whole time that I'm going to tear something up. My JK already has scratches and bruises so it doesn't bother me. I...
  8. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I have a 2019 4 door Rubicon that I got last year for the family to enjoy on the weekends. We gone to a few state parks but mainly rider around town. I have a 2 door 13 Rubicon on 37" that is setup as a pretty legit rock crawler. I've met a group of guys that go to a Jeep "badge trail" once a...
  9. Florida 5 KMC 229 machete crawls and 37s basically new!!!

    How much just for the wheels?
  10. Caulk the fenders?

    I used this product. However I haven't found a way to keep it from coming loose and working its way out.
  11. Offroading a brand new Rubicon

    I’m an insurance agent.
  12. Metalcloak Flash Sale - anyone take advantage?

    I got 3.5 gamechanger and HD steering kit!
  13. Offroading a brand new Rubicon

    I ended up getting an 07 2 door manual rubi. I’ve gone on several level 3-4 with it. It makes a big difference being a 2 door with a lift and 35s. My wife drives the JL around town and I take the kids on some lighter trails.
  14. Manual or Automatic?

    I have a manual JK and an auto JL. The auto feels faster. But I enjoy driving the JK because I get to shift. I do a fair amount of off-roading and rock crawling but with the rubicon transfer case all I do is let off the clutch and it just crawls up anything. Driving around town I get to have fun...
  15. Tennessee New in the box Ace Trail Doors 4 door with hangers

    good idea Front and rear tube doors and door hangers new in box
  16. Tennessee New in the box Ace Trail Doors 4 door with hangers

    I have a set of trail doors I've never taken out of the box with hangers for the garage as well. They were $1225 plus another $120 for shipping. I'll take $1,000. I didn't take a picture of them because they are still in the boxes. Located near Memphis, TN
  17. Trail Dash 2 speedo question

    Hey guys, Curious if any of yall have experience with the TD2 in your JK. I have a JLR and an 07 Rubi 2 door with 35". I just plugged it in and it is displaying the correct speed on the unit itself but has not changed my physical speedo at all. Am I missing something? I've scanned the...