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  1. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    It’s a TSB and not a recall. More info here:
  2. Picking a Wrangler...could use some help.

    There‘s nothing wrong with wanting the Rubicon for the aesthetic differences. But seriously...go to Colorado and take her off road! It’s aaahhhhhhmazing! I can’t wait to go back.
  3. Picking a Wrangler...could use some help.

    Hi Terry, welcome! I wanted my own bright and badass Jeep after my husband sold his JK. I went with the Rubicon because we do some off-roading. But I will confess that I love the capabilities and looks, too. I have had both the 3.6 and 2.0T and love the turbo for around town because the...
  4. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Congratulations! Look at that snow! :surprised:
  5. Rubicon vs Recon Rubicon

    Steven gave the answer, but here’s a pic of the step/rail (which I really like as a step):
  6. Rear differential bearings are defective, less than 500 miles

    That's good. You can confirm that by seeing if the steering gear is black (replaced) or silver (original aluminum). Good luck in getting your Jeep on the road.
  7. Rear differential bearings are defective, less than 500 miles

    Welcome to the forum! I wonder if they left something on in the lot to run both batteries down? I didn't have any other issues with my bearings once they were replaced, thankfully. I hope they can sort out the grinding noise and you can settle in with your Jeep. They are so fun, but it's...
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    A CEO that adorable needs to be obeyed :like:.
  9. Vehicle broken into...

    I’m sorry about the beak-in. I had my Liberty’s window smashed at the gym because I had my lunch on the passenger seat and I guess they were in the mood for some cottage cheese and fruit. Thieves suck. I’ve had convertibles before and have always kept my registration and insurance in the...
  10. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    My daughter wants *my* Jeep :CWL: That was at Costco (and it's online, too). PS: It sounds like you're raising her right :like:
  11. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Tony, you can message @JeepCares on the forum and ask for their assistance. Good luck!
  12. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Aaaaaaaaalllllmost a Punk’n but so cute (I need some grand babies to buy this for!): :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  13. Colorado trip

    You‘re moving to Colorado? Envious!
  14. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    That is a concern that I have, too. I want to get 35s and most seem to be E rated. I need a good sidewall because the trails around here are rocky (Rubicon, etc). Good input, thanks. We go over Donner, too, to go to snowshoeing. I appreciate the feedback!
  15. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    Interesting thread. I’m finding that selecting tires is hard! I was thinking about the KO2s but reading that they’re not good in rain or packed snow (think snowshoeing trips to Tahoe) is not good. There are mixed reviews on the Cooper AT3 XLT on tirereack. I need tires that are good in the...
  16. Excited!

    So cool! Congratulations! and your Kaity is a cutie!
  17. Just saying JL, but close enough.

    And you live in Colorado :like:!
  18. Mopar Beadlock wheels..what tires fit?

    I was planning on ordering these wheels and getting the GC 2.5 later. You’re correct that Northridge states a 5” backspace. I would be very disappointed if I couldn’t get these wheels.
  19. Rubicon vs Recon Rubicon

    Here’s a Recon: Black grille, Mopar grille guard, rail steps, red seatbelts, decals, and Recon wheels.