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    Make sure your fuses are all properly seated
  2. This can't be real, no friggin way!!!!!

    Yeah I was gonna say, nothing unusual about this, especially if you’ve ever been in a tank in 120 degree weather. Gotta make sure the NBC system works somehow.
  3. Uh oh, rough times? Big job cuts ahead ! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I agree with the sentiment of your post but unfortunately it doesn’t matter what people want. The environmentalists have an agenda and are religiously devoted to it; if they have to move the goalposts to 2100 when the world will allegedly end, they will (it’s an “existential threat” after all)...
  4. Oh, hell no!

    I’m more offended by the JK fenders. Poor TJ
  5. Jeep fixed. Thanks all.

    Yikes! Luckily I have the 3.6L so its alternators are between $260-$320 on rockauto. I’ll eventually get around to replacing mine.
  6. Jeep fixed. Thanks all.

    Mud is the DEVIL. I now avoid it at all costs. I took my current JL through some deep mud in Florida a few years ago and my alternator still has a weird annoying whine. I haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet; I figured I’d let it die but it just keeps ticking, albeit annoyingly.
  7. Stuck speedometer?

    I just has this issue this morning. Same engine / transmission combo- v6, manual transmission, 48,800 miles. The only thing that’s different about the jeep and the environment is that it has gotten colder (43 degrees F this morning) and my tires are less inflated than normal, 26-28 PSI (usually...
  8. Jeep and Merrell announce a limited-edition hiking boot and a Wrangler giveaway

    Love my Merrells but I wouldn’t pay extra or go out of my way to buy Jeep-branded ones. If they cost the same and I happened to need to replace my current ones I wouldn’t be against it.
  9. The UAW strikes against the Big 3 [ADMIN WARNING: NO INSULTS, NO POLITICS]

    “You have nothing to lose but your chains!”* *and your freedom, your humanity, the existence of objective reality, institutions of society, personal relationships, sense of individuality, autonomy, etc. Totalitarian movements are not responsible for subsequent disillusionment resulting from our...
  10. Will you buy another Wrangler?

    Voted “No. Configuration / Option no longer offered“ in anticipation of manual transmissions eventually not being offered
  11. Impact wench advice for control arms

    I can’t believe we almost made it to page 3 without a wench joke!
  12. Current Price for BFG KO2 T/A 315/70R17

    Yeah, BBWheels did a promotion on them a while back. I got five for $1182.34 or $236.46 each, but BFG was doing a $100 off promotion at the time so it ended up being $216.46 per tire. That’s still a good deal though.
  13. True or false: Most jeep people are...

    Yes I would say that’s accurate
  14. Post your Jeep in the garage pics!

    jeep in garage + dog pic!
  15. Welp. Guess they’re going on strike…

    So what you’re advocating is that CEOs should take $10,000,000 pay cuts so that each of GM’s 157,000 employees gets a $67.00 bonus check? Or each of Ford’s 186,000 employees gets $53.00?
  16. Unintentionally pranked the Discount Tire tech

    Haha! Yeah this whole center cap debacle wasn’t my finest moment. Crayon-eating comparisons are apt. 🤣
  17. Have we all accepted that bad service dealership experiences are the norm and there's nothing we can ever do about it?

    They look great, I’m really excited to replace my wife’s current 4Runner (which has given us 100k trouble-free miles in the last five years) with one. Rubicon and Land Cruiser… perfect combo. To answer the OP, no, I haven’t accepted that. I simply don’t go to bad dealers. Easier said than done...
  18. Droppin in to say "Hey" and give an update.

    “JLUSS” JL Unlimited…. Super Sport? anyway, welcome back and don’t be a stranger!
  19. Jeep Jurassic Park Graphics Package Limited Edition Now Available to Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Original 1993 Film

    Wait… so it doesn’t include a kit to convert the headlights to square?! Not interested!