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  1. California FREE Mopar Zipper Cleaner & Lube for Soft Tops

    leftover stock from a friend at a dealer that just closed. open to local SF East Bay meetup, or drop me a SASE and i’ll get it in the mail to you.
  2. California Sold: Rubicon/Willys Red Shocks - $50/set of 4 (less than 2000 miles use)

    traded these out of my '21 with ~1000 miles on the vehicle, and would like to see them find a more deserving home than to continue collecting dust in my garage. P/Ns 68509443AB 68059428AB open to discussing a pick-up in the SF Bay area, or shipping at buyers cost.
  3. California Sold: J**p Suspension Wood Box - SF Bay Area

    Free to good home in SF Bay Area.
  4. Beadlock Rings for Mopar Performance Beadlock Wheels on backorder for over a year already

    @JeepCares when are the dang Beadlock Rings for the MPP Beadlock Wheels going to be available? i've had mine on order for over a full year now (and i know other people have been waiting on them for even longer). Dealers are saying they always seem to be showing as being a few months away...
  5. California Sold: NIB 82215146AB Premium Twill Soft Top for 4-door $950 firm [SF Bay Area]

    Premium Twill factory Soft Top with Tinted windows. Mopar PN 82215146AB. ordered as part of the Dual Top group, but never opened. still New In Box as pictured. to fit 2018-2023 Wrangler 4-door. pick-up in SF Bay Area. (shipping would be disadvantageous as the box is quite large.)
  6. California Sold: Mopar CHMSL (Center High Mounted 3rd Brake Light) Relocation Kit $40 OBO (USED)

    Used for a couple of months until i moved to a different size tire that required a different Spare carrier and CHMSL mount. these kits move your stock CHMSL to the center of the rear tire (as pictured below). USPS shipping (and insurance if desired) to be paid by buyer. local SF Bay Area...
  7. 37” spare with plastic rear Sport bumper; fit issues?

    anyone have experience fitting a 37” BFG on the stock spare mount with the factory plastic Sport bumper? currently have the factory Spare mount with the Mopar Tailgate reinforcement and Spare Relocation Bracket. looking at the 35” Mickey M/Ts i have on there now it looks like there might...
  8. California Sold: OEM Mopar LED Fog Lights (p/n 68307273) $120/pair +shipping

    LED Fog Lights; originally on a Willys with the Plastic Bumper. (removed because they didn't fit on the bumper i changed to.) in good condition; a couple of years old now, but were removed with only a couple of thousand miles on them and have spent almost all this time in a box in the garage...
  9. Cro-Mo axle shafts for a Diesel Willys? (NON-Rubicon, "narrow" axle)

    anyone aware of who makes axle upgrades to fit the Dana 44 M210/M220 axles in a Willys Diesel? EDIT: note; must be NON-Rubicon 'narrow' Dana 44s Front and Rear.
  10. Antirocks; .850" bar vs 1" bar?

    (i tried asking this question as an aside in another thread, but it seems to have gotten lost in the weeds.) anyone have experience to share going from the .850" bars to the 1" bar ?
  11. RESOLVED: sudden High Idle?

    anyone have any idea why we might suddenly have an idle of 1100-1200 RPM? started last night without any warning. no codes shown on the dash, nothing reported on a basic OBD-II scanner. (no Tazer or anything like that installed.) already tried driving it around on the hwy for a half-hour or...
  12. California GONE Anti-Sway Bars, front and rear

    from a Willys Diesel. FREE to a good home.
  13. California GONE factory Rubicon/Willys Rock Rails

    FREE to good home. in Very Good to Excellent condition; used for a few thousand miles.
  14. California GONE Willys/Rubicon JLU Rocker Guards/Rock Sliders $65 OBO

    take-off Rock Sliders from my 4-door Willys; same as those on a Rubicon. under 11K miles on them; in Very Good condition. available in the SF Bay Area.
  15. Borrego Springs and Joshua Tree for Christmas/NY ?

    wandering through Borrego Springs and Joshua Tree for Winter Solstice Holidays. anyone around for some trail rides? doing the Princess Tour this time; wife asked to do Hotels instead of camping because of the cold, but may overnight somewhere out in the weeds anyway.
  16. California trashed.

    nice stickers, i just don't really have a use for them and don't want to see them go to the landfill. contact me back-channel to get my address and send me an SASE and i'll get them to you.
  17. California Sold: Moab/Willys wheels (5x) $500/set OBO

    5 wheels. (No tires or TPMS sensors.) includes full set of (4) Center caps. (No 5th cap is included because the spare doesn't have one due to the rear-view camera.) Used properly for 1 year/7500 miles; Very Good to Excellent condition. No dents, dings or scratches. I can share a video that...
  18. Fox 983-02-148 Steering Stabilizer; where to buy?

    anyone know where to find one of these 983-02-148s in stock? seems difficult to find.
  19. Lug Wrench failed; best solution?

    yeah, my stock lug wrench started to fold up the first time i used it. (yes, the shop monkeys put the lug nuts on too tight; this is why i always check lug nut torque after a shop has done any work.) as i was loosening the lug nuts of the first wheel, i started to see the paint peeling off of...
  20. California Sold: SOLD 5 Firestone Destination M/T2 tires, 255/75-17, 4100 miles. - $400

    Set of (5) tires, size 255/75-17. M+S rated. Stock tires off of Jeep Willys Wrangler, with approx 4100 miles on them. Rotated once at @~1000 miles, so 1 of them has only ~1000 miles, 1 of them has about ~3000 miles. Raised White Outline lettering on one side; Raised Black Outline lettering on...