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  1. Angry grill collage

    Looking up vector grills Stop making me go down these rabbit holes 😆
  2. Angry grill collage

  3. Angry grill collage

  4. Angry grill collage

    This is one rabbit hole I try to fall back out of but keep managing to fall back into and spend a 1/2 hour looking through the horrid things online. Dammit Flip! 😂
  5. **Update** Jeep Beach (Fixable) Looks like he will See the Road again!

    Good to read that all of you got out mostly unscathed. The soreness creeps up on you out of the blue 10 months or 10 years, sucks that happened to a rare combo. Crazy how "good" she looks though given the type of impact you're describing. Hope you can save her and that your repair journey...
  6. WTH is wrong with this picture?

    I thought I was being empathetic...or is that sympathetic...pathetic? I dunno 🙃
  7. WTH is wrong with this picture?

    To think this is further along in your build than your actual Jeep 7 months...yikes 😱
  8. No Soliciting!!

    I try not to be heartless, but it's next to impossible to tell who is actually in NEED vs in WANT of money in those situations with all the scam artists out there. I'll always stop by the Salvation Army, military, public services collections at grocery store fronts on my way out But the people...
  9. Road trip - Drove 7,580 miles in 24 days

    Based on the evidence given, we can assume this epic road trip took place somewhere on Earth...right? 😏
  10. Beast Style!! (SMH)

    Could be worse 🙃
  11. Dishonest and disingenuous Mopar Vehicle Protection Coverage Plan

    Your first mistake was not hanging up the phone the moment you heard someone ask you about an extended warranty plan.
  12. Am I Being Idiotic (trade in or no)?

    I'd say lease if you own a business or can find another way to write off its costs yearly. I did that for several vehicles that I used for my business. It's not very difficult, even for part time usage, to get benefits out of a lease vehicle used for business. Just gotta keep the receipts and...
  13. Electric Wrangler confirmed

    Scenario: You push your luck and run out of gas on the road, you walk a few miles or maybe hitch a ride to get a gallon of gas. What the heck do you do with a full EV under the same circumstances? Plug a solar panel into it? You KNOW people are, or maybe have already been doing this to...
  14. Best way to handle a Jeep buy back.

    Haven't had much experience with lemon/buybacks, but as a business owner, I've faced several transactions that had me debate "Attorney or no?" My advice for getting an attorney involved (or not), you have to ask yourself: Do you want to be "hands on" and handle the stress, paperwork and...
  15. Jeep Cares program= Joke

    Sucks, but the auto industry as a whole for many consumers is a blighted mess. If manufacturers can make and gainfully sell $100k+ vehicles that break down, have all sorts of electrical issues and are basically a pain to deal with through their life of ownership, then they can also make...
  16. Will there be a 25A Rubicon?

    If their track record in recent years holds true, it will be a combo of stickers (*see the Jurassic Park anniversary whatever thing they did) for the masses and a limited run of "25th" badge laden JL's that will be announced a few months before the 2028/9 redesign is introduced. You'd think I...
  17. Dealers hires technicians with zero experience to work on your $100,000 vehicle

    So dealer tech jobs are on the same carousel that fast food and retail stores are. I can't remember the last time I've seen the same set of people working at a brick and mortar place in the last 10 years for longer than a month, maybe two. Even the mom n' pop places are not immune anymore...
  18. Help! Little duck fell in my window defrost vent!

    Well, it didn't turn into some melted goo from the heat, so that's also a win. Mind you, looking at this pic, one might think there is some duck BDSM at play...🦆⛓😏
  19. Why the 3.0 is better than the 392

    Reading this today vs last night while I was drinking and saw @Scott.B post this...I'm glad I didn't respond THEN lol I passed out on my keyboard. Hopefully his night ended better 😆
  20. .

    You know the moment you see it, but still wander in to make sure 🙃