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  1. PSC Big Bore w/cylinder assist kit - Belt drive pump or OE pump boost?

    PSC is making their Big Bore w/cylinder assist kit in two different options. The original kit has the belt drive pump. The new EHPS uses the OE Electric Hydraulic Power Steering pump with a boost kit to raise the pressure. All the other components seem to be the same (cooler, steering box...
  2. PSC Black Friday Code?

    Anyone figure out how to get the discount "in the cart" on the PSC site?
  3. Mojave Trail? (before it gets hot again)

    I've been thinking about doing the Mojave Trail (again). I've done it a few times on horseback in 6 day group rides. It's probably a 1-2 night camp trip by jeep, depending on how much stopping along the way to check out things. Looking to see if anyone is interested. The Mojave Road • The...
  4. Defective New Blower Motor

    I recently ordered a TYC 700356 blower motor from Autopartsgeek. The motor came promptly and I tried to install it right away. I figured I'd give it a go just plugging it in and winding on the blower controls. I had just done the same for the OEM blower and it works, but has a slight bearing...
  5. Hydro-Ram Assist on Highway

    Im curious about the highway characteristics of a ram assist. Is a ram assist still as precise as OE steering? I'm running 37s, 3.5 MC lift, MC tierod, and draglink.
  6. Which Adjustable Steering Damper for MC GC + MC Steering?

    I have a 3.5" Metalcloak lift and the MC tierod (1 5/8" dia) and draglink. The steering damper is currently a Rocksport. But it lacks even the same damping as an OEM damper. Looking for a no-hassle fit to my setup that has an adjustable damper. Is the Teraflex Falcon JK Falcon Nexus EF 2.2...
  7. Trackbar Torque in Ft/lbs?

    Has anyone used a digital torque wrench and measured what the trackbar specified torque of 74 ft/lbs + 30 degrees and +60 degrees actually measures out to in ft/lbs?
  8. What's Your Tools and Methods for Navigation?

    We were on trails at Moab this past week. We had some OK equipment and maps. We still had some difficulty with knowing where we were when apparently the GPS constellation was acting up. But eventually the GPS system came back up. Still, it was difficult navigate on either the phones or small...
  9. Best Air Filter at O'Reilley or Autozone?

    I'm about to take off for Utah and just remembered I need to change the air filter. It has 30k and almost 5 years of lots of dirt and dust. So, it's time. What's available on Sunday in the chain auto stores?
  10. Dusy-Ershim - Extra fuel needed?

    I'm thinking of doing the full length of Dusy-Ershim, south to north. Just wondering for those of you who have done it in a JL with a 3.6L, does it require carrying extra fuel? I ran Rubicon a few weeks ago and while it's only about 25 miles end to end, I burned about 2/3rds tank over the...
  11. Big crowds in Moab in early Oct?

    It looks like me and my bud will have an opportunity to run up to Moab at the end of our Duck Creek area deer hunt in early October. I was just wondering if we're going to run into big crowds at that time?
  12. Take Out That Back Seat

    So, I started getting ready for our Rubicon trip yesterday, by removing the back seat. I'd had it out for the first few years, to accommodate my "dog deck", but had put it back in when relatives needed a vehicle while on vacation here. I weighed it right at 90 lbs! That and the fact that it...
  13. Western Trails Could Get Serious Erosion from Hilary

    I'm headed to the Rubicon in a week and change. Hurricane Hilary or her remnants are starting to hit us this morning in Southern California. From what I gather, they'll be some serious rates of rainfall and the erosion that comes with it. Our trails in the west are likely to take a hit.
  14. Ultimate Dana UD-44 Lack of Support for Differential Parts

    In my quest for parts for my OEM Rubicon differentials, I called Dana Aftermarket and confirmed the UD-44 uses the OE Jeep Rubicon differentials as standard. When I asked if I could buy a UD-44 differential, I was told they don't sell them separately, you have to purchase the whole axle, same...
  15. JL Rubicon Axle Differential Parts (lack of) Availability

    As some of you may already know, Jeep does not supply the JL Rubicon differential assembly or the locker actuator/solenoid/coil. I have a front locker actuator that has an internal electrical failure and I've been trying to locate that part for some time now. I would have even been willing to...
  16. What Clearcoat for bare steel?

    I have some bare steel Motobilt diff covers I want to just clearcoat instead of pigmented paint. What have you guys been using for these?
  17. Cold Case or Mishimoto radiator?

    Anyone have comments about which has a benefit over the other? (yes, ~$300 is a benefit).
  18. Leaky O-rings on Icon Rebound Pro wheel bolts

    So, I had some Icon Rebound Pro wheels installed about a month or so ago. Long story, but I hated the balance beads I had in there and wanted them out. So, I had the tire shop dismount them and vacuum the beads out. When I parked overnight, I noticed the next morning one tire was very low on...
  19. Fire Extinguishers

    I'm considering a fire extinguisher before going on the Rubicon. I looked at them and thought that a Co2 would be the way to go. Looking for comments about which kind and size to get, and why you'd pick one type over another.
  20. California WTB OEM Front Locker Diff or just Actuator Coil

    My front D44 M210 OEM Rubicon locker actuator coil has a problem. I need a good take off part. Either the actuator or a whole diff works. Cash, PayPal, cashiers check.