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  1. Colorado 392 XR Takeoff Shocks and Springs

    Coming off a 2023 392 XR with 4K miles. $500 and I’m near Denver (not shipping).
  2. Too Tippy?

    I was thinking portals and 40s for my 392, but now I’m leaning more towards the Little Mule. Thoughts? https://motorsports.74weld.com/jeepportal/
  3. WY & MT BOH Trails

    Was thinking about playing hooky next week and doing both before the weather gets shitty. Any feedback?
  4. Too Chicken Leggy?

    Ignore the dangling iPhone charger. Swapped in Clayton performance springs along with Teraflex front pucks to level out the winch.
  5. Clunk driver side front under moderate to heavy braking

    Got Teraflex so I was once again straightening the steering wheel via the drag link. Greased the sway bar endlinks and tightened the driver side swaybar endlink post / mount after noticing it was loose. Getting a light clunk on the front driver side under moderate to heavy braking. Tie rod and...
  6. 392 XR springs on an XR?

    Upgrading to Clayton springs on my 392 XR. Thinking about swapping the takeoff 392 XR springs onto my XR which already has 392 XR takeoff shocks. Thoughts? I like how the stiffer 392 XR float better when wheeling.
  7. Front Seat Rail Piece Part Number?

    Anyone happen to know the part number of this piece? Broke the driver side one wheeling. PITA getting the seat back to a driving position without it. Another joy of owning a 2 door. 😂
  8. Cliffhanger 6/8/23

    Anyone interested in running Cliffhanger next Thursday? Son and I will likely get into Moab around noon on Wednesday and warm up on Sevenmile Rim. Hit Cliffhanger early Thursday after breakfast at Canyon Steak & Waffle.
  9. Multiple Fatality Rollover in Gladiator - Near Ouray

    Happened on Camp Bird Road (backside of Imogene Pass coming into Ouray). I’m wondering if it was one of those tours where the customers are sitting in the pickup bed of a Gladiator. https://www.durangoherald.com/articles/three-die-in-jeep-rollover-near-ouray/
  10. Windshield Hinge

    Does this piece (driver side windshield hinge) bolt out and have a part number? Son flopped her. Guess I could remove both and bend this one back straight.
  11. P2B95

    Threw it this morning (don‘t be jelly of my summer weather), read it on the tazer, and the code went away on its own next time I started her up. Anyone else throw this code?
  12. Colorado Alpine Loop

    Ran Engineer Pass, Poughkeepsie Gulch, Black Bear, Imogene, Ophir passes and some other trails over the last three days. Ouray reminds me of Moab in that it’s close enough to all trails that you don’t need to air up. Short Review… Ophir - can do in 2H. Black Bear - Off camber ledges leading...
  13. Can a tire bead reseat itself?

    Aired down 37” KM3s to 15 psi and went wheeling. Noticed the next day front driver dropped to 5 psi. Aired it back up to 15 psi to match the other three and it’s maintaining pressure a day later. Can‘t find any damage to the tire or valve stem. I did drop that tire into an unexpected mud hole...
  14. New Badge of Honor Vendor?

    Recently wheeled 6 BoH trails over a week and quickly received 6 badges in one shipment. They didn’t come from FCA this time…
  15. Colorado Five Maxis Razr MT 37x12.5R17 Tires

    About 50% tread left on them. $250 picked up in zip code 80228 / Lakewood, CO.
  16. Colorado Sold: Five Rubicon Takeoff Tires

    Five stock Rubicon 285/70/17 BFG K02 tires off a 2 door. Rotated with 10K miles. All in good condition. $600 picked up in zip code 80228 / Lakewood, CO.
  17. Colorado $150 - 2 door Rubicon takeoff suspension

    $150 picked up. Good condition with 10K miles. Zip code is 80228.
  18. Rock Light Install Location Help

    Bought a four pack of rock lights from Lux. Where should I install them? I was thinking somewhere on the metal fenders or inboard or outboard of each wheel. Thots?
  19. Virginia Free 2022 Bearwallow Annual Pass

    Free. Will throw in the mail today. $50 plus tax value. You just have to love all my posts on here. 😂
  20. JLR & JLUR XR Axle Swap?

    Flame suit on. Would there be any showstoppers swapping stock JLR and JLUR XR axles? Hear me out... I’m building up my ‘21 JLR. Ordered CT3 3.5” long arm kit, Falcon 3.3s, KM3 37s, and upgraded steering and driveshafts. Will wait on a gear swap until after I have felt how it drives and wheels...