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  1. Coolant reservoir level question

    Why would the main one read near Min and the others over Max? Engine is cold.
  2. Tape on tailgate?

    I took it in for water intrusion around the corners of the tailgate in high pressure car washes (hard top). They also tested another new one on the lot and apparently when you blast water at that angle, they all do it. Fair enough… it’s a convertible and rain, so far, hasn’t been an issue...
  3. Scary near miss! What’s up with the pedals?

    We are new to Jeep — 800 miles on our Willys. We love it, but have noticed that various shoes, especially boots, get caught along the floor liner fabric on the lower part of the console the gas pedal is so close to it. This sometimes results in applying a lot of pressure and then the whole car...
  4. Is there supposed to be Engine Cover on 2023 Willys Sport?

    Quick question on new 23 Willys Sport. Is there supposed to be an engine cover? In other pics I see the Jeep 3.6 badge on protective covers.