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  1. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    Will check out- 👍
  2. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    They use the one pic regardless, list fitments below it 🤷🏼‍♂️ 17x8.5 - 5x127 -1mm, the -1 is my main hesitation, would prefer the ~18-24 range. Still looking- too damn many options, although good, are giving me a headache. 🙃 21 lbs is their the best spec.
  3. Whoops…Def fluid in the fuel tank

    Surprised it didn’t trick F’ sensors and set off a dash warning light show :whew:
  4. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    😊 regrettably- available options are seldom perfect, but I do want to keep the bronze look.
  5. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    I watched, they R&R’d them 🤷🏼‍♂️ more confused, perhaps fear of damage and having to pay for replacement ?
  6. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    😁 Edit— with as close as Jeep is getting to G-Wagon prices, further consideration may be required.
  7. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    Interesting- they didn’t charge extra for dealing with the rings so lying to me is unlikely. 🤔 Some reports of a high extra charge— signed Confused
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Oh Hell No ! - my family settled Las Vegas, survived hunting down wild Broncos and making Dog Meat out of them down to my grandfather. This exhaust is perfect when I hunt Bronco’s all night long. 😁
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I had been trying to justify an ~$3K system having never heard it, so on the way it’s nicely tucked up alone, when the Black Friday $2545 sale was announced- ordered immediately…. Yes, I would prefer the “quiet” mode be a bit lower. On Balance- lovin’ it 👍
  10. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    Right sir— I haven’t stopped looking but that one is so far a top pick being a forged 21 lb wheel , so far 2nd choice is a 9” +6mm also forged. I do like the appearance of the stock wheels so the incentive for listening to more Your High Dollar Jeep 🙄 is the weight savings. 😊
  11. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    Reportedly it requires a type of tire machine capable of the R&R from the back. DT removed the rings. I doubt they would lie to me and do extra unnecessary work . 🤔
  12. New Wheels pro’s vs con’s- thoughts ?

    I have 35/12.50’s on std 7.5” 392 wheels. I have found bronze 8.5”- 1mm offset I like. The stock wheels are mine, and the tread is even with the flares. Con’s— dealing with the trim rings for tire repair-change when I don’t intend to get true beadlock rings, borderline for 12.50’s, and weight...
  13. Jeep windshield sticker

    Yes- Kaiser Willys stated that one of the reasons it was picked was due to “it’s powerful engine” along with production capabilities. 😊 unfortunately the 3A’s blew a head gasket, head surfaced, blew again, head replaced, blew again, must be the block, swapped with available 3B’s Hurricane. The...
  14. Jeep windshield sticker

    Perhaps @kah.mun.rah has the actual historical meanings.
  15. Jeep windshield sticker

    Edit submitted— I couldn’t get the link so wore my finger out….. makes me wonder what “MA” changed to “MB” means 🤔 ( ancestor that worked on the “Go Devil” design ?)
  16. Jeep windshield sticker

    Pilot models were submitted and named— Bantam BRC 60 “Blitz Buggy” became BRC 40 — Willys “Quad” became MA— Ford “Pygmy” became GP. When Willys was selected and renamed MB, Ford was changed from GP to GPW, the W referring to the Willys license, unfortunately just says “became known by it’s...
  17. Jeep windshield sticker

    G P - “ Vehicle - General Purpose- GI’s slurred into jeep 😊 and a name is born.
  18. Jeep windshield sticker

    Say out loud…. G P…. repeat…. G P…. can ya hear yourself talk ?…. Technically ….Technically … :facepalm:… geeeeeeez…. gawd you lawyers can be annoying. :LOL:
  19. Jeep windshield sticker

    Didn’t you say turn signals to be legal ? Oh well- what I got- last I knew, legal in Ca as factory equipped. My parking light rings and lenses disappeared after being taken off to save battery for emergency rear tow lights after light cord damage, oops.