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  1. Dishonest and disingenuous Mopar Vehicle Protection Coverage Plan

    When we bought ours last year the finance guy said no issues doing our own oil changes. Come to find out about a week or so later, it’s an issue. To have the warranty only certified techs can service the jeep. Needless to say, I cancelled both.
  2. Willys 2024 tinted windows

    Cant recall if the rear windows list it but a lot of times windows tell you where they are stamped. Granted my windshield is at 55% with a visor also. The sides are at 30% and well the rears are all probably around 5% since I put 20% on top of the factory tint.
  3. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Funny that you mention this plant based monstrosity. Today I saw an ad for Kraft Mac & Cheese NOT Cheese. Might as well just take the name off off it and call it noodles with weird substance on them. Not far from normal Mac & Cheese I know but still.....
  4. New Version of PCV

    Thats awesome. I have ran catch cans on other applications. I never forgot to dump them. May take CS up on his offer. LOL

    Not sure what he said either but what I do know (not necessarily true in this case) is that too many people are offended by so much these days.
  6. New Version of PCV

    Wanna take some images and show us what you did?
  7. New Version of PCV

    Too bad the manufacturers dont think to just return it to the crankcase vs burning it.
  8. which air filter?

    I am soon to change mine. I figured I am going to go with the Carquest part from Advanced. From looking, the same people that make those, make the Wix and some of the MOPAR ones.
  9. New Version of PCV

    I do not plan on rock crawling so that part I will not have to worry about. Just nut my cup of tea. Adventuring yes lol. I looked up the Teraflex kit, the issue I see with it is you have to cut your PCV line and use it to fit their system. That eliminates going back to stock if ever I take it...
  10. New Version of PCV

    Guess I havent seen much about it. What issues (if any) does it bring itself? Will it allow for going back to stock should I have warranty issues with the engine?
  11. New Version of PCV

    Hmm so I guess it wont be a good idea then lol. I dont want it to take out other parts of my Jeep. What else would be recommended?
  12. New Version of PCV

    The UPR one is the one I was thinking of going with. It seems the most popular on the site. I do dislike where it mounts though. Seems like each time I change my oil Ill have to remove it to get to the filter.
  13. New Version of PCV

    I believe the next thing I do to my Jeep will be add a catch can also. I think I have around 5K on my oil ATM and its down 1/4-1/2 a qt. I know its within specs but dont think I want all that in my engine. No vehicle I have owned ate as much oil. I currently have about 23k on the clock.
  14. New Version of PCV

    What are the odds that closing the opening approximately 50% will lower oil consumption by the same amount? That is the absolute largest I have seen on a PCV valve. Had some V8s that only had two small holes the size of toothpicks lol.
  15. Odd Shift

    There are node codes. As for the fluid, I have under 23k on her.
  16. Dealers hires technicians with zero experience to work on your $100,000 vehicle

    I agree with everything here about lack of care and skill. I took mine in for a leak with the coolant. I told them that it was leaking underneath the tank as there was residue there. They said....nothing found. We pressure tested and its good. So I waited a bit over a month and took it back and...
  17. Odd Shift

    Sometimes, when I am going up a hill (mostly) if the Jeep holds a gear for a bit longer than normal, it seems almost like the transmission disengages for a split second before shifting into the next gear. Its not smooth when this happens and it doesnt happen all the time. Has anyone else...
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Glad mine will come out and help clean both Jeeps no matter what they look like. Now, if its cold outside, she may go in but usually not. Usually she brings hot water to throw in the buckets when we are getting things set up.
  19. Florida Bartact Seat Covers (no molle) $400

    Price dropped to $400.