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  1. California Tire chains(cables) SZ441 performance

    Brand new. Never used. Never even took them out of the bag. Fits JL sport stock tires $50 Los angeles area (pasadena)
  2. Rowher trip this sunday

    Planning a trip to rowher this sunday. Anyone wanna join?
  3. Brown (metal) pieces in differential fluid.

    **update: I initially thought it was plastic, but I confirmed it is metal because they stick to the magnet. While doing routine maintenance and replacing front differential fluid I found what looks to be small pieces of redish/brownish metal in the fluid. I havent had any leaking issues...
  4. Fridge in the cargo area with rear bench up

    Hi all. Has anyone been able to fit a small fridge in the rear cargo with the bench up? I have a bearproof resistant cooler I generally take in the back of my teardrop trailer. I've been contemplating buying a small fridge I could use for short weekend trips so I don't have to deal with an...
  5. Do I have a bad alternator

    So I have a brand new battery. My AUX battery is bypassed and ESS is deactivated. Every few weeks, three weeks or so I have to recharge my main battery with a smart charger. Then the battery runs strong for a week or two until it starts to die and I have to recharge again. During the week or two...
  6. Battery protection mode after using compressor

    Hi all, So I noticed after every single time I fill my tires with my compressor. The ESS system goes into "battery protection mode". It is strange. Both my batteries are new and I have no issues at all. Yesterday after offroading I got the message and I drove back home and when I got home the...
  7. Rowher saturday

    Anyone up for rowher this saturday?
  8. Great kids car seat!

    Those of you who are brave enough (or dumb like me) to use a 2D as a family vehicle. The Nuna Rava child car seat fits very nicely in the rear leaving plenty of room for the passenger. Even on the toddler rear position. I didnt try behind drivers, but it looks like youll have plenty of space...
  9. Drivers headlight not working

    So my drivers side headlight stopped working. The housing is fine. I swapped them and it still wouldnt work. I replaced bulbs, nothing. I checked both"exterior light fuses and theyre good. What am I missing?
  10. The dealer service experience - A simple battery replacement case

    I bought my Jeep back in 2019 when dealerships had excess inventory. My Jeep had been sitting on a lot for 6 months so I got about 22% off MSRP discount on it. Consequently, the dealer didn't take proper care of the batteries and I had battery issues since the beginning. ESS never worked...
  11. Issues securing negative post main battery

    So I just replaced my batteries and I cant secure the main negative post. As you rotate the main nut it is supposed to lock itself. But the lower end ate through the metal and it is rotating freely. obvious solution is to hold the lower end with a tool but there is no space there to place a...
  12. Replacing aux battery lost bolt

    Lost a bolt. Got a replacement at hardware store.
  13. Should I add metalcloak bumpstops?

    I currently have rubicon springs and bilstein 5100 series 2.5inch shocks. I will be installing 1 inch spacers front and rear soon and was wondering of I should install the adjustable MC bumpstops. Basically Id add 1inch. So my shocks compressed length is 17inches, technically they need about...
  14. Miller jeep trail run 8/27/2022 (cancelled)

    I can't seem to get enough people interested in rowher, but a friend wants to run Miller Jeep trail near frazier park. This is a great fun trail if you have a 35s. Could be a good challenge if you are a beginner and on 33s. A base sport could do it but I definitely would not recommend it as...
  15. Rowher run 8/27/22

    Planning on doing a Rowher run this saturday. Anyone wanna join me? We would be doing the "black diamond trail" which isn't really that difficult for a Jeep. Stock vehicles can easily do this trail as long as you pick the right line. There are more moderate optional obstacles for those looking...
  16. Lets see those 2drs OFFROAD (pictures zone)

    No Jeep looks better than a 2 door off road. Post those pictures of your 2 door on a trail, flexing, fire road. Anywhere off the beaten path.
  17. Rowher run sat july 16

    We are doing a trail run tomorrow at rowher. Anyone feel free to join. PM me. We are meeting at the staging area at 10pm
  18. Help me decide tire size and gears

    Current setup: - JL 2 Door sport S - 3.6 V6, 8 speed auto . - Stock gears - Rear dana 44 with limited slip differential - Front dana 30 with TORQ lunchbox locker - Rubicon springs (gave me a 2 inch lift) - Bilstein 2~3inch lift shocks (longer travel than stock, gives me plenty flex). -...
  19. Rowher trail run 06/15

    @zeebo56 We will be doing an easy Rowher run this Wednesday. We are planning to start around 10:30 AM. Stock Jeeps are welcome. This is a perfect place to get started off-roading. Safe, fun, and there are some fun practice areas where you can test your Jeep.
  20. California Sold: *FREE* JLU Rubicon Shocks

    I bought them from a member they had less than 1k miles. I rolled with them for about 2~3k miles before upgrading. They're in great working condition. Since they are free, you have to come pick them up. I'd appreciate a case of beer. any beer would do. Los Angeles area.