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  1. Need help look here

    So I found a 2 door Willy’s sport with some light modifications. 7k miles 2.0 auto/ stock gears 3.5” game changer lift with rocksport shocks w/ driveshaft Onboard air compressor Front and rear bumpers with winch Mopar fake beadlocks with 315 KO2s For just over 30k It seems like a great deal to...
  2. Maryland Wtb 285/70/17 tires only

    Let me know what you have. I will come pick up
  3. Maryland XD Panzer 17x9 -12mm for sale

    Just to clarify that’s dirt not scratch marks lol. I’ll clean them up tomorrow and take better pictures!
  4. Maryland XD Panzer 17x9 -12mm for sale

    Price drop, 450 with spare tire and TPMS!
  5. Maryland XD Panzer 17x9 -12mm for sale

    Updated. Unmounted the 4 milestars
  6. Maryland Sold: XD Panzer 17x9 -12mm for sale

    Hi I have 5x XD panzer 17x9 -12mm offset for sale. Spare center caps and rings as well. 5x wheels with tpms for $450with spare Goodyear still mounted. I’m near Fredrick, MD and can meet or deliver to you.
  7. Has anyone ordered the new 6d Rubicon yet?

    I think the picture needs more filters on it
  8. Maryland WTB Sport wheels and tires

    I don’t care about tpms and am searching for something super cheap! Please let me know!
  9. Newbie

    Can we get this thread moved to the 4door section now? 😂
  10. First car!

    Welcome to the community!
  11. Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I feel bad for the diesel owners. It’s still 2 dollars more per gallon versus gas here.
  12. Aftermarket soft top?

    Probably can find an oem top used for a 3rd of the price, good luck!
  13. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I broke this part off my soft top somehow. I suspect it was already cracked lol. I just like to throw mud with the top off, is that too much to ask?
  14. Finally found something I hate about my Jeep 🤦‍♂️

    Today I was driving on the highway. Suddenly, I look over and spot a wonderful Hydroblue JL. This JL was going approximately 60mph and was tailgating a semi. The JL was so close, it looked as if it was in tow. As I’m passing this wonderful crawl daddy, I spot a massive crack in the windshield. I...
  15. Considering Gen3 raptor…. Thoughts/experience?

    Order a TRX and listen to that wonderful whine. I can speak from experience that it is intoxicating.