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  1. My first attempt at Hell's Gate

    Off road noob here...completely stock Rubi XR? Which engine? Tell us what other config settings you used (Sway bar, lockers, what air pressure did you air down to, did you use select speed control while standing etc.)
  2. Stolen Blue 392XR DFW Area!

    Jackasses! I’ve seen that a Tazer allows you to add a PIN code on startup that might defeat a thief. Or are they smart enough to look for and yank out a Tazer? Lets hope karma deals with those jerks.
  3. Flooded my 2021 Rubicon in 5' of water. Here's the drying / fix process...

    Well you didn’t hurt yourself or anyone else so it could have been a lot worse. Hang in there and keep us posted. Sending positive vibes…and dry air haha. I guess events like these are where the “But did you die?” stickers come from.
  4. Rubicon Transfer Case & Settings Primer

    Thanks. Great stuff. Definitely agree with your manual gear/engine braking comments.
  5. Rubicon Transfer Case & Settings Primer

    I'm upgrading from a 2002 TJ to a 2024 JLRX (with the 5 position T case). Lots of new capabilities for me. So I tried to build a summary of the transfer case and off road settings with an eye towards use cases. What settings do what and when should I use them? I would appreciate some...
  6. Ratbert's Dealers Below-Invoice Spreadsheet

    What an incredible service Ratbert has provided here. Thanks! I'm ordering from Koons in VA now at 8.1% below invoice with Tread Lightly (TL) affiliate (would be 6.6% off without TL) on a 2Dr Wrangler Rubi X. WOW. Spreadsheet is dead on. I'll be ~$4800 below invoice and ~$8300 (12+%) below...
  7. Advice on new build - 2024 Rubicon X

    I'm considering an order for a 24 RubiX (2 door). If I'm reading the build/price site right, you can only get the 35" tires with the 2.0L engine. True? Also selecting the winch switches the engine to the 3.6L. So it appears there is no way to get 35s and the winch on a 2 Dr RubiX (from the...