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  1. Oil change pro tip

    Do NOT pour your new oil in the engine before reinstalling the drain plug.
  2. Does your 8.4 U-connect have the user manual app?

    Title says it all, does you U-connect have the vehicle user manual app?
  3. Lift springs with airbags?

    Hello all. Has anybody used airlift airbags with lift springs? I have a set of airbags that I used when I had the stock rear coils with Teraflex spacers on top and they worked great. I have since swapped the coils for Rock Krawler 2-1/2” springs so now the internal length is obviously 2-1/2”...
  4. Results of my battery test

    I picked up a new battery tester today so I did what every self-respecting DIYer would do and went crazy testing every battery in the fleet. The Jeeps battery floored me, 25 months old with 30k kms on it and had been drained to around 5.5 volts earlier this past Summer when I forgot the fridge...
  5. Fully loaded Rubicons, list the advantages.(other than the obvious of course)

    I’ll start with how nice it is the hop in the heated leather seats and grab hold of the heated steering wheel after remotely starting it and opening the door without having to fumble for the key.
  6. 35’s, auto and 5.13 gears.

    I do most of my driving at 3,500-6,500’ elevation and am getting 5.13’s installed soon. Also plan to tow a trailer that should come in around 1,800 lbs and about that same height as the Jeep. Anybody run this combo and if so, how do you like it?
  7. Which trim level and options have been the most reliable so far?

    I’m not asking about the more complicated systems that “may” be problematic in the future but now that we’re entering the 5th year if production which models have proven the be the most reliable so far? I have my opinion but would be interested in what others thought.
  8. What is the model number of the Rubicon transfer-case with the Auto 4WD feature.

    Does anybody the actual model number of these case’s?
  9. Airbags with Teraflex levelling kit?

    Hi all, I have the Teraflex levelling kit (spacers) on my Rubicon and would like to install Airlift airbags in the rear to help when loaded heavy. The problem is with the spacer above the rear coil spring there is a bolt protruding straight down through the hole where the airline is supposed to...
  10. Finally did some paint correction

    Looks this good both sides front to back, good old Rocky Mountain Pinstriping👍
  11. Artec skids 17% off

    I just ordered a full set of Artec aluminum skids for the JL. Couldn’t say no to the 17% discount😀
  12. App icons don’t stay where I put them and owners manual question

    I have a 2021 Rubicon with the 8.4 stereo and anytime I move the apps to the lower bar they will randomly go back to the main screen. Sometimes the apps will return to the main screen after the next ignition cycle and sometimes it may take a few days and bunch of ignition cycles. Anybody else...
  13. What temperature does the engine cooling fan come on at and what is the normal operating temp?

    I noticed lately that my 2021 3.6 auto Rubicon on 35’s seems to run a bit warm. Ambient temp is 70* and occasionally I see temps in the 107C/224 F range and can honestly say I don’t ever recall hearing the engine fan running. Seems to run warmer in slower moving traffic, not bumper to bumper...
  14. Yet another sleep platform progressing nicely

    Decided to build myself a sleep platform with a bit of storage underneath. Still have to source the handles like Goose Gear uses, add a few more tie-downs on the forward section and install carpet. I know it’s not a new concept but it’s mine😀
  15. Does anybody know exactly how the Rubicon AWD system works?

    I’ve been searching and can’t find a definitive answer. Does it have clutches in the transfer case? Or is the AWD portion strictly gear driven? I heard it’s it’s clutch based, then I heard it’s an “on demand” type system. I’ve been searching for an exploded view of the transfer case to inspect...
  16. How much does your Jeep weigh?

    My 2021 4 door auto Rubicon just weighed in at 5,250 ish pounds. I went to 2 different scales and they were about 80 lbs difference between the two so I averaged the weight - factory built with every option except soft top Mods include the following: - 1-1/2” Tereflex spacer lift - 35” KO2’s on...
  17. Does your Jeep have have the owners manual app on the touch screen?

    We had a 2020 Sahara rental and it had the owners manual available on the 8.4 touch screen but our 2021 Rubicon does not. I’m curious if that feature is model or year specific
  18. Remote start no longer works after Flashcal installation

    I discovered today my remote start no longer works, I hit the key fob start button twice and the horn beeps once. The only change I made was the installation of a Flashcal unit to recalibrate the speedo for 35” tires. Anybody have any ideas before I remove the Flashcal to test it again?