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  1. PSA: Max Regen Button now saves!!!!

    Yo peeps. Got some modules/software updated at the dealership the other day and my Max Regen button now saves the setting of On/Off after I turn off the vehicle. Pretty nice! Always something I wished my 4xE could do. Now it can! :)
  2. Catastrophic 4xe engine issues? Anybody else?

    So I was on a decently long road trip this weekend and on my way back, as I was driving on the highway, I heard a very odd popping sound followed by something that sounded like air releasing. I assumed I had popped a tire. So I pulled over, took a look at all my tires and they were fine. I...
  3. UConnect Update!! Finally a fix for backup camera lines possibly?

    Got prompted for a uConnect update this afternoon. I’m hoping for a fix for our backup camera lines and also maybe the ability to remember max regen? That would be nice. We’ll see what happens! Anyone else get the notification?
  4. 4xe Dyno?

    Has anybody dynoed a 4xe yet?
  5. Slapped 33's on my 4xe Sahara!

    After a nail in one of my tires and blowing out another yesterday on a chunk of concrete in the middle of the road I decided to just upgrade all my tires rather than replace the two stock ones. Went with some Goodyear Wrangler Ultra Terrain A/T 33's on my stock 20" rims. Size is 275/60 R20. I...
  6. 100% Battery Range

    Hey all, I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of range I've had in EV mode. I've had total range estimates that far exceed the EPA 21 Mile estimate. I've seen 25, 28, 30, and this morning I saw 32 miles at 100% charge. Pretty incredible! Does anybody know if it calculates range...