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  1. 7” to 8.4” additional info

    Correct used would be the same issue. Its all about whether or not your VIN is in the Sirius Guardian and FCA/ATT "datbase" as having those features. The Tazer will make Travelink show up. Not sure for how long that feature would work. Since even on the ones the 8.4 comes with is only...
  2. 7” to 8.4” additional info

    I was unable to get that done when I installed the 8.4 in my 2018. I did the same thing of install the LTE antenna and cable. But those other features could not be enabled due to my VIN not having the valid sales codes for those options. It is my understanding that it is technically possible to...
  3. Need help on Tazer front camera installation for 2020 Rubicon

    Wait the 5 minutes between each key cycle mentioned in the instructions. When we did it on a friends, we first waited the typical 1 minute, it did not work. It did work correctly once we did the aforementioned 5 minute cycles.
  4. Spare tire carrier experiences/ reviews

    I haven't weighed them, but according to manufacturer specs, around 116lbs. Rusty's actually has a video explaining that the tailgate drilling is optional, and is only to reinforce the tailgate for where the handle pulls on it. It does not do any of the weight bearing stuff.
  5. Spare tire carrier experiences/ reviews

    Yep, definitely needed.
  6. Spare tire carrier experiences/ reviews

    No vibrations at all. A piece vinyl would be find behind it I suppose. But it sits so tight, I didnt do even that. I get very picky about stuff. Like if something is supposed to have something fastened, or a piece somewhere, I feel the need to make sure it is. But even with that mentality, I...
  7. Found something under passenger seat

    those round protective caps house the air filters for the compressor. There is a setup that goes with that bracket that routes fixed air lines to both the driver and passenger seats. That then have push fittings for filling up, and lowering air in all the tires at the same time. Its made by...
  8. Spare tire carrier experiences/ reviews

    Note, I did not drill the holes in my tailgate. It is optional.
  9. Spare tire carrier experiences/ reviews

    I have the Rusty's, love it. My reasons were as follows: 1. Comes ecoated and powdercoated 2. Adjustable for spare 3. 3rd brake light provision 4. Camera provision 5. You can add highlift if needed 6. Replaces hinges and adds extra support plate 7. This one is a big one, if you dont relocate...
  10. Dream Jeep Build - Bikini Pearl

    Next up was moving the radio face to a better location. Back up above the rear view mirror. This one wouldn’t fit my previous solution. This time installed a 67 designs ball just offset behind the rear view mirror. Mini arm. Seems stable. And more out of the way. This opens up mounting my CBmic...
  11. Dream Jeep Build - Bikini Pearl

    Still working on placement of the tech. Went with installing USB ports in the dash cubby. One is wired to the port in the center console for Android Auto/CarPlay. The other is wired to just power. Love the less wires running around.
  12. Starting from Scratch

    Just because in reading your posts about what else was changed. I had not seen this particular part addressed in the chain of changes. Adjustable stuff is relatively of no concern. Since it can be adjusted. But hard parts, like trackbar brace, or the knuckles, just are what they are. If there...
  13. Starting from Scratch

    This may have been answered already, did the problem start after the REID knuckles?
  14. Is there a ‘Best’ adjustable track bar?

    It the new one heims on both ends? Sounds like I might want to upgrade...
  15. Backup Lights

    I'd be interested in a driver side,6 pin. Unstripped. I have powerpoles already :-D. Just PM me price when you have time.
  16. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    That's odd having to do it so frequently. I have had Falcon 3.3's on RK springs, on a JL. I now have RK 2.25 RRD's on my JLU with RK springs. I LOVED the look of the Falcon's. I also like the look of the 2.1's you mention. But they are no comparison ride wise to how the RRDs feel. I get...
  17. Dream Jeep Build - Bikini Pearl

    Got my iPad RAM mount holder installed. Still working on placement of other stuff. I believe I am going to use a 67 Designs ball mount up behind, and to the left of the rear view mirror. Then us a nano arm. Which would put the radio face just above and forward of the rear view mirror. The face...
  18. Dream Jeep Build - Bikini Pearl

    Finally got the rocker armor and tow wiring installed. The 7 and 4 pin connectors hang down pretty far in the stock location. Not sure how I might change it in the future.
  19. Dream Jeep Build - Bikini Pearl

    I watched that vid. Thanks for doing it! I definitely appreciate what they do. And supporting US businesses is never a bad thing.
  20. Dream Jeep Build - Bikini Pearl

    I had to update my amateur radio to get some dual watch, or being able to hear two channels at the same time. When we do trail rides, we do an admin channel, and a regular channel. Sticking with Yaesu, because I like their stuff, and we have a few Yaseu dgitial repeaters around here with great...