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  1. Quietest MTs?

    I know the question is sort of an oxymoron but what set of MTs are the "quietest" on the road?
  2. Factory Fender "Chop" vs Aftermarket HD Fenders vs Keep Factory Fenders (& Fender Swap/Chop Regret?)

    Curious from the forum members who have decided to either do a factory fender "chop" how did that work out (with photos if possible) and /or folks who have totally removed factory fenders in lieu of upgraded 3rd party fenders (with photos if possible) or finally if you got painted fancy factory...
  3. Florida Sold: (5) KMC Machete Beadlocks - Satin Black - KM229

    (5) KMC Wheels KM229 Machete Beadlock Wheels 17x9 5X5 -38mm Offset / 3.5"BS Satin Black Includes original KMC boxes Like new - mounted for a week but decided don't want BLs Includes chrome lugs & new TPMS $2000 Pickup in NE FL only don't want to ship and risk damage
  4. Installed beadlocks, now steering wandering - fix?

    Running 35" KO2s, installed KMC 17" bead locks with -38mm offset (first mod ever to brand new JL) now I am getting the distinct feeling of the steering wandering (not severe but def noticeable) left right left strongest at 50+ mph. What's the best remedy here? I already have a MetalCloak HD...
  5. Jeep Dealers Taking 2023 JT Orders Still? (May 2023)?

    I realize it's a JL thread but curious for those of you in the dealer community if you can still order a customized 23 JT or not?? I have seen no news or even reliable rumors so far about a 24 JT MCR....
  6. MetalCloak 6pak Shocks Real World Testing

    I know lite brite did a few videos on the MC 6paks awhile back but wanted to check the forum if any everyday Jeepers have run the 6paks and have longer term feedback on ride quality/travel / quality-durability?
  7. Offroad Tire Parent Company to Brands / 37" MT Recommendations?

    I couldn't find an easy breakdown of the parent company to offroad tire brand so I made the graphic below. Getting ready to order a M/T set of 37X17x13.5s and have been looking all each brand currently leaning toward Toyos or BFG KM3s or Mickey Thompsons.
  8. Metal Cloak GameChanger Lift - Flex Testing @ Overbuilt Customs Jax FL

    Was a great time, this 2 door JL with a GameChanger Lift scored an 800
  9. Jeep Mods vs Warranty Honored vs Voided

    Curious from others' experience to what degree FCA Stellantis is picky when it comes to modifying rigs under factory warranty? (If you throw on a lift kit for example do they void everything related to suspension only or the whole warranty itself - or do most dealers understand Jeepers love to...
  10. Florida Sold: (5) brand new 0 miles XR 35" BFG KO2s + Mopar Beadlock Capable Rims

    (5) BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires LT315/70R17C 113/110S (5) Mopar 17 inch x 8 inch beadlock capable rims Pulled off brand new JLRU XR Located near Jacksonville FL $3400
  11. 23 XR JLRU Lift/Tires Kit? (V6 P eTorque)

    Taking delivery on a new XR JLRU V6 next week - trying to line up first set of mods would love some feedback on items I am considering or key swaps I should consider over mopar factory on XR?
  12. MetalCloak Kit (Game Changer/Lock nLoad) - Owners Feedback Request

    For those of you running MC kits am curious if you paired the kits with their RockSport Long Travel Shocks and/or if the preferred real-world setup is something else like Falcon 3.3s / Fox / etc?
  13. Take Delivery of 2023 JLRU XR or Cancel & Order 2024?

    So if you were to have a 2023 JLRU on order would you take delivery in the next 90 days OR cancel and re-order the newly released 2024 JLRU with the somewhat ugly grill, bigger screen, new Uconnect os, wireless car play android auto, full floating rear axel, higher tow, power seats, winch...
  14. Best Quality / Low Maintenance 3.5" Lift Kit?

    Struggling to choose between Clayton Overland vs Metal cloak vs Teraflex 3.5" lift kits for my JLRU. Any feedback GOOD or BAD (from the owners of any of the 3) would be welcomed... going to run 37s, moderate wheeling, priority is low maintenance don't want to have to constantly adjust/readjust...
  15. Do you really need beadlocks?

    Debating whether or not to get them (KMCs) on my JLUR, are they worth the hassle and cost or no? How common is it for low psi tires to slip off a non beadlock rim? (Use will be casual offroading, medium difficulty trails)
  16. American Designed, Made, (& USA Parts) Winches?

    Is Ramsey the only winch manufacturer left that designs / builds / and constructs their winches in the USA?
  17. JL Best Bumpers or Worst Bumpers?

    What is the best bumper for quality for the JL? (or worst if you bought a bumper that disappointed)
  18. Portal Axels for 392

    These 74 weld portal axels while are pricy at 25k for the JL seem like (unless I am missing some other down side) one of the easiest way to keep everything stock on the 392 but still get 4" of lift - curious what yall think?
  19. 2024 392? Poll

    2024 392? Poll
  20. Best Highway MPGs (Tires/Ratio)

    For shits and giggles whats your best MPGs on the highway in your 392 so far? (+gear ratio / tire size)