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  1. What Tailgate Table do you run?

    When you have the top shelf open/standing up, is it actually stable like that? Or is there a risk of the top shelf falling back down into the horizontal position? Thanks!
  2. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Hey! Where are you rubbing? Front or rear? And have you installed a larger bump stop? I was under the impression that you need that as it's only a 2 inch lift?
  3. Show Me Your MOLLEs

    Did anyone install these same Molle Panels onto their JL? I purchased both the front and rear ones. But they don't seem to fit properly up front and the rear ones didn't seem like a good fit either. Perhaps I got sent the wrong parts?
  4. TPMS Warning light on, but all sensors read pressure

    Just figured that I would echo the same problems. My car is brand new. No TPMS Sensor issues until I swapped to 37" tires. I was driving on the AEV 2.5" lift for a few days and never had that issue. It all started only after the wheel and tazer mini install. After unmarrying and rebooting...
  5. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    Thank you so much for the advise. Will go pump my tires back up to 38 psi before bringing it back down. Having said that, did you leave your current Tazer settings at 30 psi (or what ever the setting was at before) when you did this? Or did you change that around first?
  6. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    I purchased a JL lite and upgraded to a mini and had it installed after upgrading my tires to 37”. I was able to set tire size and psi settings. But the tire sensor warning never goes away. I’ve tried setting it between 28 and 30 psi on both front and back and have also unmarried and remarried...
  7. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Great looking bumper! Do you have problems with the sensors on them at all? And are you running 35 or 37?
  8. New ARB bumpers!

    Are you happy with the rear bumper? I’m hesitant on it as it doesn’t allow for rear sensors.
  9. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    That looks amazing! Congrats!
  10. US spec Rubicon Fenders

    So I've just ordered the mopar fenders from They currently have them on sale but have come back to me about shipping issues as it's an oversized box. Been looking around for shipping options that doesn't cost $1,000. Anyone have any ideas or options? Thanks.
  11. KC pro6 Gravity lights finally on my JL

    Thanks for letting us know @GreyFox. Terrible to hear that this happened to him an his Jeep. But main thing was that his Jeep kept him safe.
  12. KC pro6 Gravity lights finally on my JL

    Agree with @Brew211. What is your thoughts on the lights after a year? I am torn between this and Baja Designs.
  13. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    Random question, did you by chance purchase your wrangler in Artarmon Jeep dealership by chance?
  14. US spec Rubicon Fenders

    Is anyone else ordering soon? I need to order mine too.
  15. Anyone like Double Black Offroad in Sydney

    Agree with Joe. They've been very straight forward with me on everything including pricing and margins. They have a lot of JKs that they work on and are very well known in the area. I got my Vector Offroad bar installed there and plan on having them install my rims, wheels, and lift suspension...
  16. ARB Lynx Controller

    Not sure if this is out in the US, but has anyone had any experiences with the new ARB Lynx controller? In essence, its a controller that manages your tire air pressure, compressor, accessory lights, fridges and quite a few other things on a "phone" like unit; seems like a replacement for sPod...
  17. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    much appreciated. yeah, I had used google search as well.
  18. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    Has anyone been in contact with Genesis Offroad? I tried looking them up on their website, but says that their website is no longer active. Thanks.
  19. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    I believe the ARB Sema show car actually runs 37". But best to check. They have a posting on it in the SEMA 2019 section. I just don't have the time to pull the link as I am literally on the way out.