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  1. 2" MOPAR Lift w/out spending $2,000

    I did top of the world October 3rd. Sounds like we barely missed each other. I’m all stock Rubi.
  2. 2" MOPAR Lift w/out spending $2,000

    Thanks. Do you happen to know the part numbers for the 4xe Rubicon as well. The lift kit is 77072522AD
  3. California 2022 Tuscadero Rubicon 4xe $67.5k

    Actually I kept it. My sisters driving it.
  4. How meticulous do you get when cleaning/detailing your jeep?

    I stopped cleaning my Jeep years ago. Everytime I’d wash it, it would just get dirty again 🤷‍♂️
  5. One-year ownership list of Failures, Problems, and Issues with the 4xe

    2022 4xe Rubicon 1) real axle sensor replaced 2) sound of running water in the morning upon start up - fixed by bleeding the coolant 3) transmission is clunky and got an Overheated message twice while in 4Lo. Told service to check oil and whether TSB Number: 9100116 applies to my tranny. They...
  6. 4XE Transmission overheat warning while on trails

    I had this happen twice in 4Lo in my 22 4xe Rubi. Told the rep to look into the TSB and maybe add oil/service the tranny, or soak it in a cold Bud Light 🤷‍♂️
  7. What's your go to engine oil for your Jeep?

    Amsoil signature series. My 2.0 runs much quieter and the oil is not char black at 3k miles. I change every 7500 miles.
  8. Sand Hollow Land Sale

    I bet those idiots want to build a 15 minute city there.
  9. Official Recall: 4xe FORM Fuel Oil Refresh Mode

    Thanks for posting this. I’m glad I waited to take mine in for the other recalls 😂
  10. SB JL owner on BLAST with the local media

    I hope he extended his breather tubes 😂 (I know they’re supposed to be closed but water still gets in)
  11. ZF8 50K Mile Transmission Service -- DIY How-To Instructions

    thanks for the write up. Do you happen to have the PDF for the 4xe ZF Transmission - 8P75PH? I feel like my oil may be low as well.The transmission overheated twice when in 4Lo. TIA
  12. We Custom Painted our Wrangler 392 in Mojito!

    you guys haven’t heard of a ceramic coat? Not a spray like griots 3 in 1, and actual coat you can apply. NGNT is considered a really good one, it’s $60 or so:
  13. Oil Separator (J&L or other)

    So are you guys running two catch cans on the 2.0, one attached to the crankcase breather hose and intake, and another attached to PCV valve?
  14. Trade Values Crashing?

    You can get up to 5% under invoice with Mike Clinnin at Mall of GA. There’s a 2023 Black Rubicon 4xe on the lot if you want it. $64k sticker payoff about $54k
  15. Trade Values Crashing?

    That’s a great price. I sold my 2019 Trd off road in May 2021 for $38k with 24k miles, leased it in Fed 2019 for a cap cost of $36k.
  16. Trade Values Crashing?

    Historically Saharas have always had worse residuals and resale values than Rubicons/Sports. Since the car market is on the brink of a crash, I’m not surprised with the low balls. Manheim “no sales” are through the roof, once those sellers are forced to sell, prices are gonna crash.
  17. Help I disconnected battery know radio Xm off road pages not working

    A bit late but I had the same issue, Sirius XM and off road pages were missing after battery reconnect - fix is reset the radio by pressing both the Power and Browse/Enter buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.
  18. Gottuned Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade

    mid this turbo worked, we’d be in 392 territory with 27 gas free miles.. best of both worlds
  19. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    mine was built along yours on 8/22/23… a black Rubi 4xe… let’s see when it hits the dealership