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  1. Service axle locker system

    Copying a post I made in the issues forum in case the increased traffic in this one poses a potential fix. There’s some smart people in here, and I’m hoping someone has an idea. Just developed this “service axle locker system” issue after 12K miles, Aug 2018 build. I’m going to take a look at...
  2. Winter is here

    Let’s just head this off early this year...the Rubicon on KO2S does just fine in the snow
  3. Great article on Jeep

    I haven’t seen this one before, but thought it was a great read on Jeep and the JL. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/davidvinjamuri/2018/02/21/jeeps-big-gamble-staying-the-course-with-the-new-wrangler-jl/amp/
  4. 7 Slot Customs Pritchett Canyon front bumper

    I spotted this bumper in a video and really liked the compact look of it. Really haven’t seen much on the bumper since or the company. I’m really impressed with the fit and finish on this bumper and highly recommend checking it out. You can order it with a skid, as well, and the fit is...