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  1. free touch up paint

    Nice! I hope my dealer does the same for me when my Rubicon X comes in: hint hint! Rob Trachtman Fleet/Internet Sales and Leasing Manager Tuttle Click Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Hyundai 40 Auto Center Dr Irvine Ca 92618 C 954-864-5162 D 949-472-7411
  2. The Rubicon trim almost didn't happen (nearly cancelled)

    I grow up in Toledo when the Jeep plant was still on Berdan Avenue. Never heard anyone say Willis, always Willees Overland. I just happen to go to high school back in the 70’s with a relative of a Jeep engineer that help developed part of the Jeep four wheel drive system, think it was the...
  3. Chain size for stock 2024 392

    Living on the mountain in Big Bear Lake it is a challenge to drive up or down the mountain in snow and ice, so in certain situations you will need to put the chains on to keep from going over a cliff. In really bad weather I just stay home and enjoy the fireplace and an old fashion. 😂
  4. Uh oh, rough times? Big job cuts ahead ! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    On a slightly positive note, if I read the article correctly the buyouts was mostly for 55 and over workers. I am now retired but before I retired there was rumors of a new buy out, so some of us older guys who wanted to retire where holding on just to see if we could get a little bonus out the...
  5. To X or not to X...

    After having silver and sarge green unlimiteds for the last 15 year (great colors) I went with high velocity on the Unlimited X for a more bright and lively color.
  6. To X or not to X...

    I saw a review video from some guy who said the seats in the X are more comfortable and padded than in the standard Rubicon. I have not sat in the X but have one on order, and do see on the X list of standard equipment that it states “#1 seat foam cushion (C1A)”. i do not see this equipment...
  7. UAW and Stellantis Reach Tentative Agreement

    Get use to higher wages and cost across the board. There will continue to be worker shortage as the baby boomers retire and the decoupling from China will increase cost in the short run, but we’ll worth it!
  8. Future of V6 Pentastar

    I have two Wrangler Sahara's Unlimited Pentastar engines with 178,000 miles each. No engine issues at all except head gasket. Both Transmissions needed rebuilt at around 160,000 miles. I’m hoping for the same engine performance's with my Rubicon X Pentastar on order.
  9. Future of V6 Pentastar

    I am not totally against EVs, but the technology is not there yet. Instead of dumping lots of resources in building EVs now, that money should go into research for better batteries etc. I think the current government push is forcing all of us to be Guinea pigs at a great cost In rare earth...
  10. Future of V6 Pentastar

    You need to go back and read the article. Future electrification meaning more add on BS like E-torque.
  11. Future of V6 Pentastar

    Happy I ordered my V6 before they “incorporate electrification.”
  12. Skytouch in heavy snow country.

    Thanks for the tips. I have soft tops on my Wranglers now and do go out and remove heavy snow even while it is still snowing. I was concerned with the snow somehow gumming up the SOT tracks. I will just leave the top open in stormy weather 😂
  13. Skytouch in heavy snow country.

    Just ordered a Rubicon X with the Skytouch. I live in the mountains with heavy snow at times and do not have a garage. Is there a need or would it help to put a vehicle cover on to support or protect the top? I place my order October 12, so most likely be spring before the vehicle arrives 😄
  14. Jeep's 9th consecutive quarterly decline in unit sales

    I see Wranglers that have been modified or optioned out with lots of add on parts from various companies; bigger tires & shocks, custom wheels, steel bumpers, leather seats, remote starters, eight cylinders, etc. So if you add that on top of the initial cost of the vehicle it would be a pretty...
  15. New to Forum- Just got my 2nd Rubicon, '24 Rubicon X

    I have a 2024 Rubicon X on order. I was not a where of the 7 year 100,000 warrant. Is that a dealer add on or Manufacture option? Also what was the cost? I do think the extend warranty is a good idea with all the electrical toys they now put on the Jeeps.
  16. Federal law - purchase Jeep for CA in CA

    I have a claim in right now with Jeep Care on the 2008 to see if they will still cover the repair as under warranty. I believe you need to have a one page five question form completed by the dealer every five years. I have had my Jeeps serviced by dealers most of the time, except for braked...
  17. Federal law - purchase Jeep for CA in CA

    Thanks everyone for all the info. I was shopping for a specific wrangler in stock on a dealer's lot. Fowlers in Boulder had one. The sales lady started off with what is the amount of monthly payment I could afford, which no one should ever tell them. I told her I follow the Jeep forums...
  18. Federal law - purchase Jeep for CA in CA

    From a dealer in Colorado: “Hi Mike, unfortunately there is a Federal law that if you are registering your car in California you cannot have purchased it in another state. Super weird law that I just learned about from one of my managers, good luck in your search!” Is this true? I know...
  19. Highest mileage.

    2007 Unlimited 155,00 and 2008 unlimited 174,000. Both going strong. The 2007 did need a rebuild tranny 4 years ago.